/Travelling with your dog? Here’s how!

Tips while travelling with your dog!

Travelling with your dogs, have you ever thought about it? I bet you did, all the time.

Celebrity SurFUR and top fundraising dog Ricochet rides tandem with a surfing goat at Helen Woodward Animal Center's Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon, sponsored by Blue Buffalo. (PRNewsFoto/Helen Woodward Animal Center)

Wouldn’t it be nice to travel alongside your furkid instead of searching for an expensive pet sitter or pet hotel?

Travelling with your dog seems very difficult and troublesome for your pooch but here are some tips on how to do it the best way.

  1. By car

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One option to bring your dog alongside with you is by Car! This is only possible around Singapore and countries accessible with the car, but it is the cheapest option and you can take care of your furkid throughout the whole journey.

Even when you are driving, safety for you and your family are the highest priority. That’s why we recommend you to take a crate with you for your dog so they won’t disturb you while driving and it will protect your dog in case of rapid stops or bumps along the way! Below is a list of things you might have to do before, during and after the car ride!

  • Update your dog’s ID
  • Do not feed your dog before or while driving (motion sickness)
  • Exercise before starting the trip
  • Place some clothes or blankets in the crate
  • Do not let him hang is head out of the window (cause eye infections)
  • Go for walks every few hours (pack plastic bags)
  • Provide him with water
  • Don’t take sick, injured and pregnant dogs with you
  • Important: Never ever leave your dog in the car alone with the windows rolled up and doors closed

Instead of a crate, it is also possible to use a seat belt prepared for dogs, but we would advise you to stick with a crate as they are not able to jump out!

  1. By airplane

travelling with your dogs perropet singapore

Taking the aeroplane is suitable for places that are further away, but this option is much more complex than taking a car. The first hurdle is to find the right airline company, who allow pets on board. Secondly, settling health certificates, vaccinations and licenses might be a hassle. It’s best to call the airline personally to get the right information. Your dog will most likely travel in a crate and not together with you in the airline.

  • Check with the airline about requirements
  • Consult your vet about motion sickness, anxiety and potential risks
  • Feed your dog about 6 hours before the flight begins
  • Access to water must be guaranteed
  • Keep calm to not upset your dog when leaving him


  1. Going on a cruise

travelling with your dogs perropet

Even though taking the cruises seems like the best option for longer trips it is very difficult to find the right company. Most cruises do not allow pets other than service animals on board and if so very restricted. It is always necessary to contact the cruise of your choice and ask them about regulations. Some cruises like Queen Marry 2 does allow dogs on certain trips.

  1. More tips for travelling with your dogs

travelling with your dogs

  • Contact your Vet and do a full body check up
  • Book Pet-friendly hotels at your end destination before you start your trip and make sure they provide amnesties
  • Arrange dog sitters and inform yourself about dog parks
  • Bring along your dog’s favourite toy or treats with you to calm him down
  • A collar for identification should be with your dog and all times

Travelling with your dog certainly comes with some hardships and preparations along the way, but it might just be worth it to undertake those hurdles and enjoy an exciting holiday together. Always remember to bring along the required documents with you, keep your dog calm and provide him with enough water. In order to prepare your dog for a longer ride, it is possible to take a number of short trips to the supermarket and the groomer before the long trip!


Last but not least, enjoy your trip!