/Pokemon Go: Benefits for dogs and owner

The Pokemon Experience

Pokemon Go has finally been launched in Singapore and yes, it took Niantic (the developers of Pokemon Go) quite a while to launch it here. We waited a long time for this to happen!

Every time I watched Pokemon as a kid, the relationships of the Pokemon and their Trainers reminded me of those dogs and humans. Both are especially loyal to each other and wants to explore the world together, except that I wouldn’t want my dog to fight others dog’s in order to get a reward!

Benefits for you and your dog:

A wild Golden Retriever appeared

1. Achieve your daily workout goal

Pokemon Go is not only good for our own health but can be the perfect opportunity for your dogs, dogs of friends or dogs from shelters to get the run time they so desperately need. We are cooped up at work for at least 8 hours and sometimes even more than that. In this time, our dogs spend their time missing us at home, but even when we reach home the working day has been exhausting and our motivation to go long walks together with our dogs decreases tremendously.

Going to the gym while having so many tasks seems impossible. Everyone wants to have fun in their free time rather than struggling on the treadmill, right? Just combine those two and enjoy catching Pokemon while losing weight.

2. Explore Singapore and spend time with friends

If you are crazy about Pokemon Go (just like our staffs at the office at the moment) and want to catch em all, take your dog with you. It will be way more fun with a companion, who might even spot one before you do.

Pokemon Go might even lead you to some places you haven’t seen before and nothing is better than exploring unknown areas with friends and a strong guardian.

3. Volunteer at different shelters

Even if you don’t follow the hype like all the others, but know someone who does? Give them your dog and let them walk with him for a while. Your pooch will thank you for this additional exercise.

Don’t have a dog? Not a  problem, just drop by one of the animal shelters in Singapore and ask if you can walk a dog for a while. I am most certain, that the staff will appreciate your offer to spend time with their dogs. You might even find a partner to play for life.

4. Some tips for Pokemon Go with your dog!

  • Take your pooch with you while playing it
  • Find someone to take your dog out while playing (Son, friend, daughter)
  • Volunteer to walk the dogs in a shelter
  • Explore the different dog parks and find rare Pokemon
  • Check out dog-friendly cafes for a short break
  • Meet friends and let your dogs play while searching the area
  • Bring water for your dog and yourself (Yes, Singapore is very hot)
  • Don’t be too distracted by the game and pay attention to your dog
  • Take photos with your dogs and the Pokemon (Tag us on Instagram if you do take some! @myperrobox)

Our teams will try it out today as well. This National Day, Singaporeans will be all around dogs and Pokemon Go. Little Princess might walk so much, that she will be exhausted just like this poor dog, who might have played a little bit too much.


Source: http://imgur.com/FI40T9W

5. Pokemon that looks like dogs?

Lastly, these are the Pokemon who looks like a rare cross bred dog. BRB, Gotta Catch Em’ All!

  1. Vulpix


  1. Ninetales


  1. Growlithe


  1. Arcanine