/Strays of Singapore: Butter
Strays of Singapore, what is that? #StraysofSingapore is an event to find strays, who have been living in shelters a home. There will be many activities, photos, games, competitions and much more.

Who is Butter?


Butter is approximately 2.5 months old and is ready for adoption. He’s from the same litter as Peanut, and what cheeky little things they are! They were originally found in a container yard where there is a risk of them being run over by heavy duty vehicles. When the place was eventually evicted for redevelopment, their mom, and their entire litter were rescued and currently placed in foster care, where he is well taken care of and learning the ways of being house trained.


Gender Male
Age Approximately. 2.5-month
Physical health healthy
Personality Playful, loving
loves playing
Status Awaits adoption

If you would like to get to know Butter better and even play with him visit the Star Vista on the 20th to 21st of August of 2016. Butter will be there to finally find his match.

Visit for more information: Event Star Vista

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