/Strays of Singapore: Coffee
Strays of Singapore, what is that? #StraysofSingapore is an event to find strays, who have been living in shelters a home. There will be many activities, photos, games, competitions and much more.

Who is Coffee?


Coffee is approximately 5 months old now. He’s been vaccinated twice and has a clean bill of health. Although shy initially, he will warm up to you and shower you with love. He’s still a puppy so likely to be playful and active. Coffee has the most adorable wrinkled forehead. Please share his post so he may find his new mummy and daddy. With all the changes he’s been going through, separated from mummy and siblings when first rescued, and being moved around due to unforeseen circumstance, he’s still a jolly boy. We pray hard he may find his home soon. He really deserves a happy home, like all our SS. Coffee is a really good boy at heart.


Gender Male
Age Approximately. 5-month
Physical health healthy, vaccinated
Personality Playful, loving,shy, active
loves playing, cuddling
Status Awaits adoption

If you would like to get to know Coffe better and even play with his visit the Star Vista on the 20th to 21st of August of 2016. Coffee will be there to finally find him match.

Visit for more information: Event Star Vista

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