/Dogs Rule Instagram

| The New Era of Friendship – by Hannah Choi (www.puppyshome.com)

Gone are the days of needing to meet face to face for a friendship. Gone are the days where a physical encounter is needed to create an emotional encounter. No. Friendships are happening everywhere and anywhere; and thanks to the social media friendships have gone international without physical touch.


Am I talking about human friendships?

No. I mean dog friendships. Dog accounts on Instagram are going viral and more and more people are catching up with the new trend. Let me tell you more about this. Dogs have now taken up a personied human form by creating their own account on social media networks like Instagram and Facebook. They have their own prole picture, their own bio, their own uploads of their daily life activities, and even funnier: they comment like actual people. Think I’m going crazy? Accounts like @marniethedog have 2 million followers. Now that’s what’s up.

Instagram communities: the new era of communication. Gone are the days of meeting at physical locations. No longer are dogs going to dog parks or to their neighbor’s house to meet new dogs but they are virtually meeting and scouting new friends through #hashtags. Hashtags are the identiers and “virtual” locations for these dog accounts. Simply type in anything you’re searching for in the search bar and up comes all of the possibly related Instagram accounts that you’re looking for. For example, if you search #maltese all accounts with the hashtag “maltese” will come up before you and you have the ability to befriend and communicate with any “maltese” on Instagram. Then you tag your own picture uploads with hashtags that you would like to be found on.

Why are dog Instagram accounts popular? Instagram dog accounts are wildly popular because these accounts are real and relatable. They are not fabricated by advertisers and huge companies. These accounts are not glitzy and glamorous. These dog accounts are real and made by people like me and you. They take you through mundane activities like sleeping and eating but it sure feels good to be able to share with the world through the voice of your own dog.

During Christmas and birthdays you can see that these dog accounts really take their virtual friendship to the next level. Physical gifts are often exchanged and once received are posted on the recipients Instagram with a thank you shout out to the sender.

In conclusion, why is this all important? Because it is a reection of how the world is changing. The world is rapidly shifting from a physical world to a virtual world through the screens of our phones and it’s time to get with the times!



Author – Hannah Choi