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Organic Food For Dogs?

The muck that runs through the heart of today’s food industry worldwide is well known. Asymmetrical information distribution, gross neglect and sheer apathy have rendered a lot of what goes into us detrimental to our well being. The industry, in a bid to fuel exponential growth and maximise returns, has played an indubitable hand in the decline of collective health in modern times. Thanks to documentaries like “forks over knifes” and others of it’s ilk and the growing access to information through the internet, more and more people are making an effort to monitor carefully the substances with which they fuel their bodies.

A widespread movement of increased health consciousness and systematic eating has taken over many current societies and extends much beyond just people. Organic nutrition for pets, especially dogs, is a subject that has sparked a lot of debate and raised attention on the web; While it is a net positive to have more people aware of this issue and take a stand, as consumers, on what products and practices they want to support, the organic debate is far from a simple one.


While the benefits to eating “organically” grown food, in the true sense, are hardly mysteries, there are a few cons.

Number one is definitely the fact that most foods that are openly marketed as organically grown food or 100% organic food are, indeed not. Stupefying though it may sound, this is fact. Recently, California, America’s wealthiest state passed a bill allowing citizens to sue over mislabeling of foods as “100% organic”. We can all cross our fingers and hope Singapore catches up but in the meantime, asserting the credibility of the sources/channels we use to buy our supposedly “organic” dog is highly recommended. Another limiting factor that might actually be the biggest reason why a lot of people aren’t very keen to jump on to the organic dog food bandwagon is the cost.

The organic food madness and misinformation stemming from social conformism have led to some pretty alarming prices in the market for foods labelled “organic”. While I understand that it sounds pretty deterministic, accepting ridiculous prices and paying them without analysing actual benefit is a big part of the problem. It is here that we need to be pragmatic. There are a lot of things you can do to make your dog’s life healthier.

Yes. Even diet wise speaking, there is potentially room for a lot of improvement that will yield tangible results in terms of your dog’s physical and mental health. But, what many miss is that only feeding your dog stuff marked “organic” isn’t the best way to go about crafting a healthy feeding plan for him. Sadly, most people just treat is as a bandwagon to jump onto. Personal research on items that are better of bought from regular retailers and those that need attention on is entirely lacking. This seems the crux of the problem.


What I mean is, organic meat for our dogs is a great idea. Grass fed meat is probably an even greater one. But, if affordability is questionable, is off-the-shelf beef or tuna really worth all the furore, being 10 times cheaper as it is. The real risks of consuming a lot of foods are not discussed at all, leading sometimes, to vastly exaggerated frenzies of fear that are frankly ridiculous and unfounded in reality.

All I’m saying is that retaining a little more perspective when contesting these issues could go a very long way.