/Adopting a Dog. Is it for You?

Bringing a stray dog home was looked down upon until the recent past. But, as of today, the practice is getting more and more accepted socially, in fact even encouraged. It is a matter of fact that there is a problem worldwide with the vast numbers of dogs that are homeless and uncared for. Hundreds of thousands of organisations and initiatives have cropped up all over the world that do varying degrees of justice to the problem. The root of the problem is still that people, statistically speaking, still aren’t as excited about bringing home a stray dog as they are about buying an expensive thoroughbred.


Adopting a dog

Deciding to adopt a stray dog is an idea that comes with a slew of positives but is also fraught with challenges that are worth considering before you make the plunge. Before you do it, you have to acknowledge the fact that you are to care for a living being, which in domestic surroundings, can often be volatile or vulnerable. It involves substantial levels of commitment, in terms of effort, time and money.


Thousands and thousands of organisations and initiatives have sprung up around the globe that aim to better the situation of homeless dogs. Many of them do a sterling job at connecting prospective adopters with strays, keeping strays vaccinated and neutering them and so on. But at the core of the problem, the fact still remains that people just aren’t as keen to have a stray dog. While this has quite a lot to do with conformist socio-economic behaviour, it may as well be justifiable to not adopt a stray at all as opposed to adopting one hastily and not being able to care for the dog sufficiently. The important thing is to be honest with yourself and objectively analyse how you think the pet will fit in with your life, surroundings, circumstances etc.



Discussing the idea exhaustively with your family and close ones can also be immensely helpful.

Keep in mind the probable downsides – Adopting a stray slightly past a certain age can sometimes mean training him/her can prove to be a nightmare; Strays aren’t genetically manicured to look “perfect” by human aesthetic standards. If these are issues on which you don’t feel you can compromise, maybe adoption isn’t really for you. A lesser known fact is also that adoption doesn’t always mean you get a mangy creature of the side street either; Many dogs of conventionally desirable breeds are also in need of homes because of a variety of reasons. So again, it is hard to overstate the importance of being honest with yourself about expectations and requirements.

(Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdcL0QFLDek)

Adoption in Singapore

As for Singapore, we are fortunate to have more than a handful of devoted initiatives that do some brilliant work for homeless mutts.  SPCA (the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to animals) is a good channel to find your pet through. Here, you pay a flat rate of 180 SGD, no matter the dog you choose to adopt.

 Action for Singapore Dogs is another privately run organisation that aims to do quite the same and is doing a great job at caring for homeless dogs and connecting them to people looking to adopt. Here you pay anywhere between 230-350 SGD based on the dog you want to adopt.


Hope this helped if you were on the fence about adoption or just not familiar with the road to adoption.