/Top 7 Ideas For Quality Doggie Time In Singapore

Most dog owners, I’m sure, are with me when I say that weekends are for catching up with your canine bestie and making up for the long hours and busy weeks. Staying in cuddled up with your dog, enjoyable though it is, gets boring pretty quickly. If you’re an active person who doesn’t take pleasure in lazing around, it’s natural that you would find yourself wanting some inspiration on things that you could do outdoors, here in Singapore, with your dog.

Here are 7 cool ideas for awesome doggie-dates in Singapore!

1. Tanjong Beach, Sentosa

The sight of the sea and the beach inexplicably drives dogs mad with delight. Granted Tanjong isn’t really the prettiest or grandest of beaches but it’s what we’ve got in our lovely city and what it will lack in space (it is densely crowded on the weekends) , it will more than make up for in novelty, to your dog. You could just lie down with that bestseller you’ve been wanting to get into or just frolic on the waves and have a blast with your dog.


2. A mini hotel staycation

Feel like you need a break from the non-stop humdrum of life? Get a room and cosy up with your dog in one of Singapore’s dog-friendly hotels.

Conrad Centennial, overlooking Marina bay is an award-winning hotel that welcomes dogs. What more? Order in some room service and binge out on some alone time with your dog.

Check out their website here


3. Marina Barrage

Whatever your favourite activity to do with your dog is – be it playing frisbee or fetch – Marina barrage is one heckuva place to do it. With unbeatable views and verdant green, it’s an unreal place, especially early in the mornings.

Your dog will sure thank you for the amazing mood booster this will be.


4. Dog Cafe

Take your furred friend and go to one of Singapore’s many dog-friendly cafes. Not only will your dog find friends to play with; It is also a great opportunity for you to mingle with other pooch

lovers such as yourself and exchange tips, recipes and share useful information and experiences. A treat or two might even sweeten the deal further for your pet,


5. Explore the Southern Ridges

Southern Ridges is one of the best places in Singapore to connect with nature. Follow one of the many trails there or just have a walk with your dog on the gorgeous and eerily well-designed wave bridge, which is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

Here’s a link to their website:


5. Get your pet a massage

The consensus among the majority of dog experts is that regular massages are incredible for your dog’s health. They help flush out toxins and accumulated wastes in their muscles and joints and also helps delay/avoid musculoskeletal problems, especially in their older age. It preserves their mobility for longer and keeps their circulation top notch.

There is no shortage of doggie massage parlours in Singapore. So go ahead and get your loyal dog an indulgent massage.


6. Take a walk through Marina Bay

Marina Bay is easily one of the most futuristic and striking places on the planet. Its savvy appearance is only matched by it’s calming vibes in the form of water and greenery. An ideal place to go on a long walk with your dog or even have an old jogging sess.


7. Doggie Bootcamp

Have your pick from one of Singapore’s many islands or nature pockets and engage in some rigorous, functional training with your dog. Training your dog in vital life skills and maintaining high levels of fitness and sharpness will go a long way in boosting your dog’s health and confidence. Always a nice chance to get a bit of a workout yourself.