/The best Luxury Dog Hotels in the World

The market for luxury goods and services for pets is booming. Day after day, swanky services for pets, be it hotels ,grooming parlours or even gourmet restaurants are springing up everywhere. An increasing number of people want to share their wealth and comfort with their loved pets and don’t mind the odd splurge on their favourite furball.

Such “staycations”, as they’ve come to be known, are in addition to being delightful to just your pet, very rejuvenating for the owners as well, many claim.

Here is a list of the best dog hotels in the world:


  1. The Barkley Pet Hotel, Los Angeles, USA


Located in West Lake Village, Los Angeles, this hotel is a short walk from its human counterpart, the Beverly Four Seasons. While the former may not have the same name and world wide renown as the latter, it surely won’t matter to your dog when he’s having one of their trademark “pawdicures” or doggie-stencilling.

Website: http://www.thebarkleypethotel.com/


  1. Canis Resort, Munich, Germany


While there are many pet hotels that emphasise on competing levels of opulence, decadence and sheer luxury, the Canis resort in germany, designed in a pleasing Bauhaus style by top German architects, strives for something slightly different- It aims to give your pet (and you) a relaxed, calm and peaceful environment to truly unwind andd find your inner zen. The resort also has a team of exceptionally well trained and qualified dog experts whose job it is to make sure your pooch has the time of his life.

Website: http://www.canisresort.com/en/


  1. Dream Park Pet’s Hotel, Taiwan


To those among us who admittedly are too pampering and over-concerned for our own good, Dream Park Hotel in taipei may actually be a model for the future. The hotels allow you to leave your pets with them and gives you a comprehensive live feed of your beloved beast’s constant whereabouts, right to your mobile phone. No more jitters about leaving your pet behind in someone else’s care.

It rates pretty high on the amenities forte as well with an indoor swimming pool, fully air conditioned rooms for pets and an indoor sports field

Website: http://www.petsdreampark.com/en/services.htm


  1. Chateau Poochie, Florida, USA


The people at Chateau Poochie take pet luxury incredibly seriously. A notorious retreat for Hollywood starlets and their equally starry furred friends. Huge, sprawling beds and 24 hour personal service are just some of the offerings that make Chateau Poochie the hit that it is.

Website: https://www.google.com.ua/search?q=chateau+poochie&oq=chateau+poochie&gs_l=serp.3..0l214.1083…0i67k1.bsKh5_JNvWo



  1. Actuel Dogs, Paris , France


Actuel aims to occupy a fine niche of it’s own within this sector. Their offering is unique in that their main focus is the health and wellbeing of your canine. A famous kitchen serving the finest gourmet, albeit for dogs, is their USP. In addition, bespoke physical training courses, ranging across a large variety of activities, can be handpicked to suit your dog’s requirements. Later, your dog can unwind and soothe his sore muscles with a massage from some of the best pet masseurs/masseuses in the world.

All in all, an experience your dog will never forget.

Website: http://actueldogs.com/


  1. Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles, USA


Wildly popular among hollywood inner circles, divas and die hard hollywood fans, the Beverly Hills, while not being an exclusively “for pets” hotel, is an extremely dog friendly one nonetheless. It’s’ “Canine Connoisseur Program” is one that’ll leave and your doggie friend gasping for breath in open mouthed wonder. Extreme attention to the finest of details is the defining feature of this program (and hotel) and everything from the little name-inscription on your dog’s chocolate bone and the personalised dog-owner bathing arrangements, will have you chuffed to bits and your dog, elated as well.

Website: http://www.beverlyhillsplazahotel.com/


  1. D Pet Hotel , New York


The D Pet Hotel is the stuff of many fantasies. It’s classy interiors and extremely modern decor are hard to beat, even among general hotels, worldwide. Impeccably staffed and located, the hotel is known for it’s doting care provided to canine guests and the dizzying levels of luxury it provides to it’s guests. To that, the fact that it overlooks Manhattan – some of mankind’s most advanced pieces of architecture, is just cake.

Website: http://dpethotels.com/


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