/10 Famous Dogs And Their Owners

Famous Dogs and Their Owners

Just like us, dogs too are not all born equal – Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and are more famous worldwide for their antics than some of us will ever get to be. Here’s a rundown of some celebrity high flyers in the canine world.

1. Bo

President Barack Obama, with the family dog Bo, playing football on the South Lawn of the White House May 12, 2009. White House Photo by Pete Souza. This official White House photograph is being made available for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated or used in materials, advertisements, products, or promotions that in any way suggest approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.

Often known as the “first dog”, Bo is the Obamas’ Portuguese water dog. Presented to the American president Barack Obama in 2009 by Senator Ted Kennedy, Bo is a hypoallergenic dog, specifically bred keeping the President’s daughter, Malia Obama’s allergies in mind.

Bo was the President fulfilling his promise to his daughters that he would get them a dog if he won the presidency.

2. Tinkerbell


Tinkerbell is the chic and adorable Chihuahua that belongs to socialite and heiress Paris Hilton. Having starred in all seasons of Hilton’s TV show, “the Simple Life”, Tinkerbell is widely notorious for being one of the most pampered and spoiled pooches on the planet. She regularly gets thousands of dollars worth of grooming and is known for being trendy and sporting similar styles as her owner’s ever changing looks.

3. Bit Bit


Bit Bit, Britney Spears’ pet chihuahua gained worldwide recognition first when she was spotted wearing a 100,000$ diamond necklace at an awards function, on the red carpet, with Britney and later when Britney Spears was voted to be the “worst celebrity dog owner”, for treating her pets like accessories. We can only feel bad for old Bit Bit.

4. Sophie


Sophie was a Cocker Spaniel that belonged to billionaire and talk show baroness Oprah Winfrey for close to 13 years. An adopted creature that was homeless when Oprah found her, Sophie was, by Oprah’s own admission, “the love of her life”. Sadly, Sophie passed away in 2008, to a public outpouring of grief by Oprah.

5. Jack


Jack, Mariah Carey’s aptly named Jack Russel Terrier is something of a itch in the eye for dogs everywhere. The recipient of an insanely decadent weekly regime, and an astronomical pet budget, Jack is one of the most spoiled dogs in the world. Brought up on a steady diet of wealthy delights such as Caviar and featuring in 3 of Mariah Carey’s music videos and one of her films, Jack has seen heights of high society most humans would give up a finger to reach. Let’s not forget all the first class globetrotting.

6. Leo


Model Cara Delevigne’s striking Husky, Leo, is already well travelled in fashion circles and has done the holy trinity of London, Paris and Milan fashion week already, before the age of 3. A favourite among fellow models, Cara’s representatives say she seldom goes an hour without her beloved Leo. More power to Leo, for sure.

7. Norman


Kendal Jenner’s Italian greyhound, owes his newfound famous status to his owner’s massive pull on internet image sharing website “Instagram”. A veteran of several million views every week, Norman’s exploits are well documented by his snap crazy owner and can be seen en masse on instagram.

8. Finn


Known as much for his canine sense of humour as his rich mane, actress Amanda Seyfriend’s Australian Grey Hound, Finn can be seen on the actress’ posts, trying to imitate his owner’s poses. Now, there’s a clever dog, if there ever was one.

9. Dora


Way to go Liam!

Liam Hemsworth’s famous Australian Shepherd, Dora, was in the interwebs last year for all the right reasons- Hemsworth found her injured and homeless and adopted her, setting up a great example for dog lovers everywhere to give a new lease of life to an underprivileged pooch.

10. Marosca


Premier footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s pet labrador Marosca sure has a lot going on for him, skills wise. Known to be quite sharp with a football for a dog, Marosca has won himself a dedicated fan following among Ronaldo’s millions of instagram followers. Keep kicking boy!


Honorary Mention: Todd



An up and coming star in the celebrity pet world, Todd is the answer pop heartthrob Justin Bieber’s newfound love for dogs. Todd is steadily gaining a footing on social media and given Justin’s inexplicable hordes of Beliebers, might one up everyone else on this list.