/The Costs of Buying a Dog in Singapore




Sharing one’s life with a dog is a transcendent and therapeutic experience that many would argue is something that can’t be monetised in gross terms. Nevertheless, in the real world, there are costs to both acquiring and raising a dog. Here’s a basic guide aimed to equip you with the information you need prior to making the decision to bring home a cute new pup.


It’s common knowledge that each breed goes with it’s own market value. A number of factors influence pricing: Rarity, “prestige” value and so on. Some breeds are highly desirable for traits that are suited for specific needs while some are just considered symbols of wealth and status.




Not to press a hidden agenda, but it has to be emphasised that adoption plays out as a better option, even in the economics scheme of things. It costs much lesser, all included, to adopt a dog than to have one bred specially for you. You might find owners of newly littered pups willing to part with one for reasonable prices on online channels or through personal connections, but usually buying a dog of pedigree, comes with a steeper price tag than adopting a dog from a shelter.



Adopting a dog from the SPCA is super affordable at a maximum of $180. What drives home the bargain really is that you save on vaccination, sterilisation, deworming, microchipping, registration and licensing. All of this is taken care of and you just get to take home your pet, no strings attached.


At Action for Singapore Dogs, male dogs cost $230 while female dogs are $250, and the fee includes vaccination, microchipping, sterilisation and a health checkup. Pedigree dogs not more than 3 years of age cost $330 for males and $350 for females.


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Popular Breeds and their average market price


Singapore’s preference in dog breeds has always been shaped by the fact that living space is a precious commodity here. As a result, smaller breeds are almost universally preferred. Here’s a list of 5 commonly sought after dog breeds in SIngapore and their average prices:


  1. Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz is a very popular small-medium sized dog that is one of the most sought after breeds in Singapore. They are known to be companionable, Intelligent and emotive. They have relatively long lifespans as well. Nevertheless, going by average prices, you should be looking to spend anywhere from 2300 to 2700$ to bring home an adorable Spitz-pup.


  1. Chihuahua

Known for their feisty temperaments and insanely cute faces, Chihuahuas are ascending the list of most popular dog breeds rapidly. With the Chihuahua’s high number of pups per litter and it’s massive numbers in this region of the world, you could get a Chihuahua pup for as little as 350-600$. However, more exotic subtypes like a tea-cup or an apple-head Chihuahua might even set you back close to 1500$.




  1. Labrador Retriever

One of the most common large dogs in modern times is the effortlessly likeable labrador retriever. A fervently loyal and friendly creature, the labrador makes a perfect companion to an outdoorsy lifestyle. Labradors go for about $300 to $500.


yellow labrador retriever dog

  1. Miniature Schnauzer

Tracing it’s roots all the way back to Prussian Germany, the miniature Schnauzer is well renowned for it’s extraordinary intelligence and ease of training. They are extremely playful and make for delightful companions. They are a bit on the pricier side however, costing about $2500-$3000.









  1. The Maltese

The Maltese has long since the held it’s place as a member of doggie royalty. Favoured by aristocrats since centuries, the Maltese is a very in-demand breed in Singapore. It is also one of the most expensive small dogs, costing about $3000-$3500 on average.