/First Art-Exhibit for Dogs


We live in a world where there aren’t as many “firsts” left to do as there were, say half a century ago. British insurance company, More Than have claimed a first by conducting the first art exhibit exclusively for dogs. This was part of their “Play More” project aimed at increasing awareness of the perils of a sedentary lifestyle and to encourage owners going out with their pets and being active, more often.

Rather than just walk the walk, they have stepped it up to organising a meticulously put together interactive museum, exclusively for your canine friend’s aesthetic pleasure.

The museum is tailor-made to engage actively with your dog. The eye-level paintings that are specifically designed, keeping in mind a dog’s sense of shade and colour. It’s also replete with more primitively pleasing imagery such as paintings of chicken legs and what more, a VR frisbee-fetch game.

The interactive portion of the exhibit encourages better dog health. It includes a 2 metre wide dog bowl filled to the brim with stuff that resembles dog food. They also put in a fountain which squirts water from one bowl to another, making for a much needed soak or a drink to your dog.


The exhibit has proved to be a raging hit among dogs and their owners, witnessing substantial turnouts.