/Top 6 New Doggie Tech Products In 2016

Technology continues to champion the human race into areas previously unchartered. It has pervaded every aspect of human life and continues to find new avenues through which to make life more comfortable and to achieve things previously considered impossible. In this exciting climate of brilliant innovation, there is an emerging range of amazing tech solutions which are built with your canine friend in mind.

Here’s a rundown of the newest what’s what in dog technology:

  1. Dyson Groom Attachment:

There is no aspect of owning a dog that is less rewarding than finding oodles of shed fur on that beautiful new rug of yours. A perennial gripe of pet lovers worldwide, it was only a matter of time this nuisance was addressed. And voila, it has been, with the new Dyson Groom Attachment, which is an attachable addition to pre-existing vacuum cleaner models from Dyson. It delivers like a charm in removing the nearly-ready-to-be-shed hair from your dog and additionally capturing allergens and dead skin cells too. It’s quite thorough and works it’s way to your dog’s undercoat before it can end up on your floor. All this, without irking your dog one bit. The Dyson Groom is currently available on Amazon.com for $57.95. If you need a compatible vacuum, the company makes excellent (if pricey) machines in general.


2. iFetch Toy:

Playing fetch with a dog, brings to mind evocative imagery and is arguably, the most commonly played game, in some variation or the other, between humans and canines. Sadly for many who are swamped with stuff and have very little down time to spend with their dogs, playing fetch doesn’t materialise all that often.

iFetch is a robotic device that aims to change just this. As your dog drops a ball into the top of the machine, the machine shoots in 10, 20 or 30 feet out it’s front, based on your pre-set choice. It comes with three mini 1.5 inch tennis balls included.  The only catch is that it takes a little bit of doing to teach your dog to use the device; Once taught though, you can be sure that your little furball will have hours and hours of immersive fun.

Fetch is one of the absolutely classic dog playtime activities – all sorts of different breeds love nothing more than chasing balls around the house and bringing them back to you to throw again. But what if you’re not around? All the fun of fetch can continue for your dog with the iFetch ball launcher. You or your pet simply drops a 1.5-inch mini tennis ball (three included) in the top of the device and it’ll shoot out the front – your choice of 10 feet, 20 feet or 30 feet. The only catch: You’ll likely need to teach your dog how to use it.

You can buy the iFetch on amazon for about 130 SGD and a set of replacement balls costs about 4 SGD.


3. PetNet Smart Feeder:

Gone are the days when finding someone to feed your dog meticulously when you’re gone was a legitimately pressing issue on your pre-travel to-do list.

The revolutionary PetNet smart feeder, is a two part product. It comes with an intelligent, dispenser that runs on a rechargeable battery and an app that goes into your smartphone. Together, this product enables you to monitor the amount of food consumed by your dog, based on information about it’s age, breed and activity levels. It takes both the worry of a hungry dog or the risk of overfeeding off the table.

In select locations within the US, you can also order pet food to be delivered to your home using the PetNet app. Handy huh?

It retails for a very affordable 150$ in the US, although it’s not yet hit our shores.


4. PetCube:

PetCube is an innovative product designed to bridge the “gap” between your and your pet, that is inevitable if you belong to the 85% (probably more) of the world who don’t have the luxury of showing up at work with their pets.

PetCube is an interactive device that enables you to have some quality play-time with your dog even when you’re not at home. It has a built in HD camera, a microphone and a speaker. It also has a built-in laser pointer game that will drive your little mutt aboslutely wild.

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a dog-friendly workplace, most of us have to leave our best friends home alone during normal working hours. Don’t let a little distance keep you from having some fun, though – the Petcube is an interactive device that lets you play with your pet while you’re away. Petcube has a built-in HD video camera (138 degree), a microphone and speaker. There’s also a laser pointer game built in that cats absolutely love.

It retails on Amazon for about 200 SGD.


5. Petzi Treat Cam

The Petzi Tream Cam, like the Petcube, gives you the ability to interact with your pet even when you’re not home. You can use the device to speak to your dog, listen for a reply, take pictures and – best of all – dispense treats, even if you’re thousands of miles away. Petzi can hold as many as 20 to 30 small treats at a time. Because there’s a food reward involved, dogs will always get excited over Petzi sessions. It also makes a compelling case with it’s pricing over it’s competitor, at 169$ in the US. (It’s not in available in the Asia Pacific region)


6.  Voyce dog collar

Needless to mention, activity monitors have become quite the rage among us humans as auxiliary aids to a healthy lifestyle and have helped millions worldwide get more conscious of the impact that their nutrition and exercise patterns have on their health.

Likewise, Voyce dog collar aims to do the same to man’s best friends. It is a wearable fitness device that measures your pooch’s pulse, respiratory rate, rest patterns and net calories burned. These vitals can be tracked through your smartphone and can even be shared seamlessly with your dog’s health care provider. The app is also designed to warn you if your pet’s activity pattern changes- in case of events taking a sinister turn.

A battery that lasts 7 days rounds off the package which goes for about 199$ at the company’s website. A sad catch is that you will be required to pay about 100$ a year as a service charge.