/Six Essential Dog Apps you need to have on IOS

As of today, there are literally thousands of apps for you to download just in your capacity as a dog owner. it is soeasy to get lost amongst endless options when you are free to use your gizmo for games with your pooch, dog training, socialisation with other pet owners, or having fun making profiles of your furkids on ‘doggie-Instagram’.

Here’s a rundown of the coolest and the latest in doggie-apps for IPhones-The apps listed here are more of the “utilitarian” variety rather than those meant for entertainment.



BringFido is an IOS-app that helps you find literally anything related to your dog. Upcoming dog events,attractions, groomers, dog restaurants, veterinarians, pet clinics, dog supply stores, hotels, anything.  Wherever


you go around the world. (The validity of the lofty claim world over might be dubious).If you want to travel with your dog, this app and the website would be just the right thing for you. All of your pooch’s needs on travel, in a one-stop-location right in your pocket.



Pawshake is the stuff of reckoning among dog-loving circles and is saving quite a few lives at the moment.  The

app helps you to choose amongst pet sitters from your area, explore their qualifications, settle a meeting, book

and pay straight from your device. Your pet’s care ensured while you’re away. And the options are peer-reviewed, needless to say and the company places a premium on ensuring right qualification and temperament.,

You will also receive everyday photos of your pooch while you’re away. And this is not an exhaustive list of the number of other options available with Pawshake. Really useful and loads of fun to use.


Walk For A Dog


Don’t JUST take your dog for a walk… Take your walk for a dog!’ – says the Walk for a Dog slogan.

This app aims to promote better health for you and your dog while also aiming to make lives of dogs around the

world better. The app encourages you and your canine buddy to go on walks together, lose weight and be

healthy and incentivises you by matching your mileage with donations on your behalf to dog charity

organisations. The app allows you to mark your routes and share them, among other features. It also directly

allows you to donate money to any of the charitable organisations.

Pet First Aid – Red Cross


Most schools make some amount of training in First Aid mandatory and for good measure. But what about if you’re a dog owner and you are confronted with the dreaded reality of having to perform first aid to your beloved pet in a time of duress, it is always better to be prepared, rather than “wing it”Besides  videos and  instructions about everyday emergencies, disaster situations, advice on medication,behavioural help, and an early warning sign for prevention care, the app also helps you with finding the closest vet clinics and dog-friendly hotels.


Relax My Dog – Music For Dogs


Relaxing music for dogs? That’s right. If your puppy becomes nasty and anxious when you’re not at home, or starts to howl for a reason only known to him, you should try this app. It will help settle your pooch by playing unique relaxing dog music. Just by choosing the soundtracks, you can help your pet lower it’s stress levels, and get through demanding situations.Relax My Dog’s Sound sweep technology, designed to relax and calm your dog, even promises to lull your dog to sleep.

Relax My Dog claim to help in case of canine’s separation anxiety and excessive barking, breed or age no bar.Sounds better than giving your dog sleep medication. doesn’t it?


Pet BlaBla – Make Your Cat, Dog or Pet Talk


Step one – take a picture of your pooch.

Step two – mark the eyes, chin, and mouth of the animal.

Step three – record your text and push the button.

Step four – laugh and share!

yeah you have us – not so useful, but very funny.