/Top 5 Android Apps For Dog Lovers

If you’re a crazy dog lover, there are literally thousands of pet-apps on the Android Play Store to choose from.

They range across a variety of areas and can help you do stuff from finding the right food for your pet delivered to your doorstep or even finding a playmate for your canine-bud in your neighbourhood.

Here’s a pick of five cool, useful dog-related Android Apps that we think are a must-have for every dog-owner.


1. PetFirstAid

PetFirstAid gives detailed step-by-step instructions and video for taking the best possible care of your dog in an emergency. The Pet First Aid app is one of those you hope you’ll never need, but if the time comes that you do, Pet First Aid by Jive Media is one of the better organised, easy-to-use, and informative pet first aid apps available. With step-by-step illustrations and detailed videos, including restraint, muzzling, CPR, bandaging, and more, this app is a must- have for any dog owner on-the-go. What’s more, the first aid articles, illustrations, and videos are embedded in the app, making them all available even when you’re offline!

2. MapMyDogWalk

MapMyDogWalk is a fun, interactive app that encourages the always important activity of walking your dog, while making it more fun and interesting. Physical activity can single handedly contribute to your dog’s longevity and sustained good health.Track the route, time, distance, speed, pace and calories in real-time using your GPS enabled mobile device. This app will motivate you to walk longer, further, and to switch-it-up with new routes and paths.

3. Doggy Datez

DoggyDatez is a free location-based platform that makes it easy to find new doggy friends and have more fun whilewalking your dog. By “marking your territory”, you’re taking ownership of an area (200m radius) in the physical world and seeing who else “visits” your spot, just like dogs do! Plus, you can search for other dogs by age, breed, and gender to find new doggy friends in your area to play with! Doggy Datez! Available for FREE by clicking here or by searching from your Android device.


PupTox is a handy categorised listing of over 250 things that may be toxic to your dog. Great to have on hand when shopping for new plants and flowers for the garden, or when your pup decides to feed himself from under the kitchen cabinets. Is it toxic to your dog – PupTox may have the answer.

5. Weather Dog (FTRD UK)

The Weather Dog app is a fun weather application. While not much more informative than the one that’s already on your smartphone, this one is WAY cuter! Using the Accuweather 3-Day forecast, Weather Dog creates animated scenes depicting the current weather in your area. The fun part, an interactive animated dog responds to the weather conditions during the day and night that provides an experience that is a lot more entertaining than your standard weather app!