/Why We Should Use The Dog Food Dispenser?

Dogs love eating and to be fed! They strive for food and treats. Even when you want to train a dog, you use treats as rewards. Feeding your dog is definitely an essential factor in making your dog live a happy life!

How are you currently feeding your dog? If you are using the normal method of putting food in a bowl, you might want to stop doing so. Believe it or not, there is a better way to feed your dog which can ensure a better health for your dog!

Thanks to technology, there is now something called a dog food dispenser, or more commonly known as an automated dog feeder. This dispenser helps to automatically feed your dog. It may be slightly hefty, but the benefits will be worth it!

Well, I know you are thinking how can it better for your dogs and why you should invest in it. Not to worry, continue reading to find out more!

Who is it best for?

Dog food dispenser are suitable for all dogs. Due to the high cost (approximately $100), not everyone will get it for their dogs. However, if you are a busy working individual, it is highly recommended! You will no longer have to be stressed about your fur-babies while you’re away.

A dog food dispenser is best for dogs that require special diets, are overweight or have eating issues.


Why use a dog food dispenser?

Regulate feeding schedule
Normally, one would leave food in the feeding bowl before leaving the house. However, this feeding method does not ensure that your dog eats! This causes dogs to develop a mentality that they can eat whenever they want, which is unhealthy for them. Dogs will start to beg for food or be picky, when there is no fixed feeding schedule. As owners, we will most likely give in to them, which can lead to overfeeding.

With a dog food dispenser, you don’t have to worry about that! You can set a schedule on the dispenser on the feeding time. You can now focus on your work and daily activities with your dog’s eating schedule being taken care of. You don’t have to feel guilty about leaving your dog alone anymore. Even while you’re sleeping, you would not have to set an alarm to wake up and feed your dogs. The dog food dispenser will do it for you!

Eliminate overfeeding and maintain dog weight
Feeding bowls left without supervision can cause your dog to get fatter. A food dispenser can automate the amount of food being given to your dog. With this regulated feeding, it can significantly reduce the possibility of obesity, ensuring your dog is at a healthy or manageable weight!

You would not want an overweight dog because it will lead to more major issues! Obesity puts your dog at risk of:

1. Lower life expectancy
2.Kidney diseases/failure
3.Heart diseases
4.High blood pressure

Just like humans, obesity in dogs can often lead to diseases or death. If you see a specialist to maintain weight for yourself, they will tell you to eat more frequently at a smaller portion. This advice can be used for dogs as well. Do your dog a favour and regulate their feeding portions. You will definitely not regret it!

All of us want to provide the best for our fur-babies by ensuring they get enough nutrients without overfeeding. As such, we believe that the dog food dispenser is a life saver that all owners should look into!