/April 4th: World Stray Animal Day

Why Is World Stray Animal Days Important?

April 4 may just be any other day for us humans, but did you know April 4 is a special day dedicated to the 600,000,000 stray animals in the world? And the figure is consistently growing…

All dogs and cats deserve a home, yet some don’t have a family to call their own. Stray animals did not choose to live as a stray. I believe we need to help give these strays a voice. In this post, PerroPet will be covering on stray animals in conjunction with World Stray Animal Day! 🙂

A Peek Into A Stray’s Life

There are strays all over the world. Yet, they are being viewed and mistreated the same way. Take a look at what these stray animals would love to express to us humans – if only they had the voice to.


“Generally, streets, factories and construction sites are where my family and I live. We do not have enough food and often dig the garbage to keep us alive. We suffer from humid and cold conditions and do not have the basic necessities to protect ourselves! Humans see us as a pest, a threat and a danger to their lives. There are some of them that hurl insults and abuse me physically – ouch!”


“We did not choose to live this way. We may be defensive at times, but that’s because we are afraid. I was abandoned or thrown away by someone I trusted with my heart. I am dirty because I don’t enjoy proper living conditions like other home pets. Humans think I spread diseases and avoid me at all costs. There are some who use brutal methods to chase me away! :(“

Strays in Singapore

Previously, we did a post covering on the current Dog’s Overpopulation In Singapore. In Singapore, stray cats and dogs are often stereotyped as untamed and unhygienic. They live in fear and are always running away from animal cullers. Further, it is frequent to read news of them getting knocked down by vehicles or abused to death. Sadly, these are caused by the evil acts of humans 🙁 Watch the video above to understand the sufferings of these street dogs in Singapore (prepare a tissue box!)

On a better note, we are thankful that there are still kind and beautiful humans around! 😀 Here are some successful love stories of dogs that have been adopted to their furever home! Awwww, I am so happy for them! 🙂

How to Play a Part?

I am sure by now, you would feel very triggered to do something for these strays – ME TOO! Good news, you don’t have to be powerful or rich to make a difference. Take a look at the list of simple things you can do to make lives better for these strays, yay!


1.Take a #strayfie

Take a picture of you and your stray dog or cat and post it on Twitter using the hashtag #strayfie! If you don’t use Twitter anymore, any social media platform is fine too!

2. Share the cause of 4/4 Stray Animals Day with everybody you know

Word of mouth is purr-fect. Tell everyone through social media or whatsapp! Alternatively, you can share this post! More people need to know about the sufferings of strays!

3. Adopt a stray dog or cat

Adopting one goes a long way. Provide a fur-ever home and shower them with loads of ruff!

4. Ask your local animal shelter how you can help and support them

You can either choose to volunteer or donate money to help the stray animals out! There are a total of 15 shelters in Singapore. Here’s a list of animal shelters in Singapore!

Animal Lovers League, Save Our Street Dogs, Purely Adoptions, Voices for Animals, Hope Dog Rescue, Noah’s Ark Care, Exclusively Mongrels Limited, Action For Singapore Dogs, Causes For Animals Singapore, Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter, LostPaws, Joyous Bark and SPCA etc.

★ Spend $150 and PerroMart will donate TWO large canned food in your name to a animal shelter. Buy now! ★

As an animal lover organisation, PerroPet will continue to help these strays in any way we can! To help improve the wellbeing and livelihood of these beautiful strays, do spread the beautiful meaning behind 4th April. It’s time for us to spread awareness and let their sufferings and awesomeness be known to all. Make a difference, every action counts!