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Most Popular Small Breed Dogs In The World

Small dogs are now found in many homes because they make good companions and are not big. Small breed dogs are common in Singapore, where majority of the Singaporeans are residing in HDB flats!

PerroPet has come up with a list of small breeds dogs which have been popular around the world! It has been observed that their popularity cuts across different climes thereby making them adoptable in many homes across the world! 🙂

1. Beagle


It is a member of the hound family and was bred as a scent hound to track small games. It is similar in appearance to the Fox hound, but smaller with shorter legs and softer ears. It has a small to medium-sized compact body. They are lovable as pets because of their friendly nature with people and peaceful cohabitation with other pets. It is highly sociable and intelligent. They require patient and creatively firm training because they can also be stubborn.

2. French Bulldog


This is a small to medium size rare dog breed that is compact and muscular with a short coat. It is the result of a cross between bull dog and local ratters in France which also gives the face a glum expression and the nickname “Frenchie”. It spends most of its time playing or lazying around the home. Some Frenchies can be politely reserved, while many are highly friendly with people and other pets. They are intelligent, sensitive and stubborn. They do well with patient and persistent training.

3. York Shire Terrier


It has its origin from York Shire in the United Kingdom. The “Yorkie” has it is fondly called has a small head that is flat on the top with a medium-sized muzzle. The long hair coat falls on both sides of the body and it is silky with a glossy appearance. It has a self-assured, fearless, fiesty and adventurous nature. They make a loving companion dog with high affection towards their owners. They can be suspicious of strangers and display aggression to strange dogs. They function better with owners who know how to treat pets.

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


This is one of the largest of the toy breeds with its origin in the United Kingdom and it is highly popular in many other countries. It has a highly sporty and athletic nature which is common to spaniels. The coat is smooth and silky. They have a good temperament and lovely outward disposition. They should be exercised regularly because of their athletic nature and should not be left alone for long because they always seek companionship. They are friendly with people and other pets. They have the habit of chasing moving things.

5. Shihtzu


Its origin can be traced to Tibet, but the name is Chinese meaning “lion dog” or “little lion”. It comes with a short muzzle, large dark eyes and a tail that curls over its back. The dog is affectionate, playful, loyal and a high extrovert. They can live in any size of home. Training is not an arduous task because it comes pretty easy. They get along well with people and other pets with no issues at all.

6. Pug


Although it originates from China, this breed is all over the world. It has a body that is compact, deep-chested and muscular with glossy smooth coat. They have an even temper, play well and are really loving. Their great sense of humor and wrinkled face can be said to make them charming. They are good with people and other pets due to their general disposition.

7. West Highland Terrier


It is more commonly known has the “Westie” with its Scotland’s origin. It is a medium-sized terrier with a strong body build exuding a combination of strength and activity. The coat is double and white. Westies love companionship with their robust, friendly and highly spirited nature. They are fairly friendly towards strangers and get along well with children. They love having a good time and do well with people and other pets.

8. Chihuahua


This breed is named after Chihuahua state in Mexico. It is the smallest dog breed with a well rounded “apple dome” skull and full round eyes that is not protruded. They come in variety of coat types and colours. Chihuahuas are intelligent with a saucy expression. It is a breed that is loyal and can become attached to owners. Their strong-willed nature makes them require positive reinforcement training and socialization. Their nature comes with courage, adventure and pride.

9. Pomeranian


The “Pomeranian” is a toy breed that has a larger Spitz type of dogs’ origin. It has a short muzzle that is straight and fine. The eyes are almond-shaped, dark and medium in size. It comes with a double coat. They are highly clever and can adapt to any environment. They are loyal and protective companions that love being around their owners. Their response to training is great and they love pleasing their owners.

D’AWW! These dogs are too cute too resist, no wonder they are so popular! Is your favourite small dog breed not on the list? Let us know and we’ll be sure to add them in the next time! 🙂 If you are considering to get a pup, don’t forget to get the right food for your pup!