/Your Dog’s Food Is Equivalent To Rubbish! “Freeze Dried Dog Food vs. Air Dried vs. Dry Food”
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Rubbish, or not? : Freeze Dried Dog Food vs. Air Dried vs. Dry Food

Many pet food manufacturing giants, like Purina and Iams, integrate cheaply grown ingredients like corn (often one of, if not the, main ingredient), into their dog foods. Of course they do this to produce a cheaply made product, thus maximizing profits – which is why you may purchase a 50 pound bag for $15! 

In reality, dogs evolved to thrive best from the proteins (essential amino acids) found in animal meat. A dog’s natural diet should consist of almost no plant products at all.

Why does this matter, you ask? Well, there is a myth stating that in order to receive the proper nutrition, your pet must consume more. That is totally not true! Statistics show that 30-40% of America’s pets being overweight due to overconsumption! 

What to Look For In Your Dog’s Food


Look beyond the ‘protein content’ when examining a nutritional label. What are the main ingredients? Manufacturers can easily meet protein requirements by the number, but there is a difference between enough and the right kind!

1. The best store bought dog foods are going to list a source of meat (Not a meat by-product) as its’ top ingredients.

2. If a type of ‘meal’ is listed, it is going to be a specific kind, like chicken meal or venison meal (not a random ingredient like meat meal, bone meal, blood meal, etc).

3. ‘By-products’ are the non-rendered parts of slaughterhouse animals other than meat. Thus, a meat ‘by-product’ is not a meat source at all! It is best to avoid this.

Essential Amino Acids

Many pet food brands claim to supply enough protein, and most do to pass minimum requirements. But this doesn’t necessarily mean they supply sufficient and the right kind of protein.

All protein is composed of various combinations of amino acids. We humans, and our dogs, need adequate amounts of essential amino acids (note: our bodies don’t produce amino acids! so it must be found in our diet!) to live well.

The combination of proteins that make up corn, peas, and potatoes differ from those proteins that make up various kinds of animal meat, thus containing differing amino acids. Corn, for example, doesn’t contain all of the essential amino acids your dog needs. He must find those in the other ingredients contained within his food. If his food is comprised mostly of corn, he must eat more of it to meet requirements. For example, Purina is mainly made of corn, take a look at the ingredient list here!

Made in China

It’s recommended, if possible, to feed ingredients sourced from reliable countries such as USA only. Many other areas of the world, China in particular, don’t maintain the same health regulations for pet food America does. Studies have shown these products can contain high amounts of dangerous metals and other undesirable materials. 

1. Freeze Dried Dog Food


Freeze- Dried: preserve by rapidly freezing then subjecting it to a high vacuum that removes ice

Even some of the higher quality brands out there, like ‘Blue Buffalo’ or ‘Taste of the Wild’ go through a rendering process by which various ingredients are mixed then cooked at high temperatures in gigantic vats. This might seem undesirable to some.

For those who want to feed a raw or home cooked diet to their dog, freeze dried dog food is a wonderful alternative! Easy to prepare, meats and vegetables can be freeze dried for a nutritious alternative to the store bought option.

What is it?

Freeze-drying removes moisture from ingredients without the use of heat, leaving the ingredients as close to fresh as possible, and does not require additional chemical preservative to stay for long periods of time at room temperature. This process includes freezing the food, and removing the moisture before sealing the product. The entire process itself acts as a preservative, which is why these foods can last so long.

Examples of Freeze Dried Dog Foods: Primal, K9, Sojos

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2. Air Dried Dog Food


Raw pet food that is air dried has all the water removed via evaporation. This process minimizes damage to proteins, vitamins and sensitive nutrients, providing your pet with the full benefit of a raw food diet. The name ‘Air Dried’ is a little deceiving. These meats aren’t exactly raw, but ground and cooked into a slurry, stacked in trays then placed in high temp. until the moisture is removed.

Examples of Air Dried Dog Foods: Ziwi Peak, Real Meat, DNA

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Veggies Have Their Place


No matter what you choose to feed, make sure your dog is receiving enough essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals! Though veggies may contain some nutrients, dogs evolved to thrive best on animal meat (not corn, potatoes, peas, etc)! Please make sure you aren’t basically purchasing a bag of corn in kibble form for your dog! I’m not telling you to avoid vegetables altogether.. I’m simply saying- vegetables should not be the main ingredient in your pet’s diet!

With a healthy dog, comes along a happy owner! We hope you have leant more about dog food and will feed your dog better food – they deserve it!