/Protein Is Important For Your Dog’s Food

Protein Is Important For Your Dog

When it comes to feeding our dogs, many new pet owners don’t really understand the importance of protein in our dogs food, so more often than not they will just buy the cheapest, or the most expensive and hope for the best! However, we should be more informed about what goes into our dogs food, so we can make an educated decision when buying dog food, this way our dog will be at his healthiest, and be with us much longer than expected! Therefore, in this article we will point out the importance of protein in dog food, as well as discuss why each dog is different, and may require different amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates, depending on their lifestyle.

Your Dog’s Diet Should Consist Mainly of Protein


Protein is probably the most important thing in a dogs diet, it is the building block of their nutrition. In the past when dogs were wild, and as initial form of wolves, they only ate raw meat. Raw meat was mostly protein, a fair amount of fat and a little carbohydrate and fiber. Moreover, a high protein level will  keep them extremely active, strong and healthy. Yet, a lot has changed over the years in terms of dog food. Some dog foods are high in protein while others are low in protein, replaced by carbs and fiber. To understand why, we need to understand individual breeds needs according to their lifestyle.

Puppies Need Higher Protein


A high protein diet is generally given to puppies, because they are growing fast, but a very active, or working dog would need more protein than a dog that spends most of his time laying on the couch. High protein diets are good for delivering essential nutrients to build muscle and support energy levels as well as building the coat and skin. Having said that, an older dog that does not require much exercise doesn’t need as much protein, and will do better on a diet higher in carbs and fiber. It has been argued that a high protein diet fed to puppies can lead to problems later on like hip dysplasia, but this has been proved more to be a genetic disorder rather than dietary.

Finally, protein is an essential part of any dogs diet, but you should speak with your vet regarding your individual breed and his specific needs, because his dietary needs will change over the course of his life. Furthermore, protein comes in different ingredients, so we should be looking for a dog food that has protein from real meat,as one of the top ingredients in any dog food should be real meat, either lamb, chicken or beef, not by products or bone meal.

That being said, by giving your dog a well balanced diet for his particular needs, it will mean he will be at his best, and for a much longer time. It is important for more owners to become informed on how important protein is for their dogs’ health and well being!