/Dog Training Tips: How To Use A Leash

Dog Training Tips: How to Use a Leash

You can walk your dog, restrain your dog and work on training your dog through the use of a leash. A leash is one of those tools in dog training that you just can’t do without! It maybe be one of the first things you buy when you bring your new dog or puppy home, but it is also widely misused by most dog owners! Other than knowing how long you should be walking your dog, knowing how to use a dog leash is important! Follow these tips to ensure that you are using your dog’s leash correctly!

Type of Dog Leashes


First, you must know the kind of leash you need to walk and train your dog with. Retractable leashes should never be used for training, and rarely if ever for actual walking! Did you know they can be very dangerous? Retractable leashes also teach your dog to pull instead of respecting you and the leash.  You are highly recommended to use a 4 or 6 foot nylon, rope, or leather leash to get started. It will have a clip on one end to attach to your dog’s collar or harness and a loop on the other end for your use. However, before you wrap that loop around your hand or slip it on your wrist, learn to hold the leash properly!

How To Use A Dog Leash


The loop may feel awkward at first until you know the proper way to hold it!

1. Put the thumb of your right hand through the loop and let the loop rest on top of your thumb.

2.  Hold the rest of the loop in your palm.

3. Your free hand should hold the excess leash while your dog walks nicely by your side.

4. Do this a couple times and you’ll look like an expert trainer in no time!

Proper Uses of the Leash


A leash is a tool. Many dogs and dedicated owners can get to the point in their training to never actually need a leash! However, it should be there as a back up for any emergencies while out on your walks or adventures. In Singapore, it is illegal to not leash your dog while in public areas!

Your leash should never be used for punishment, hitting or abuse of any animal or person.  It is meant to help you communicate with your dog as his leader, and help him find his way in this human world.  Use your leash to help teach him to walk calmly beside you for exercise, to keep him safe during vet visits, and as a safety measure to pull him out of the way from aggressive dogs you may encounter.

You can even use a leash to help potty train a new puppy! Apart from using it to take him outside to potty, you can use a leash in place of a crate most of the time while you are home.  A crate is meant to help prevent indoor potty accidents when you cannot supervise your puppy. Instead, you can use a leash to tether your pup to your belt loop as you do house hold chores or make phone calls. This will keep your little one from wandering off and having an accident while you’re not paying attention!

The leash is one piece of dog training and care equipment no dog owner can live without. Using it properly can help to ensure a positive experience for both you and your dog for many years to come.