/How To Stop Your Dog From Barking Unnecessarily

How To Train Your Dog From Barking

Dog’s natural behaviour is to bark for many reasons. Just as people talk, dogs communicate with their barking. However, there are times when the amount of barking and yelping can be crushing. Knowing how to stop a barking dog will help you find a solution to this predicament.

There are three main reasons for a barking dog. Chances are, your dog is likely to bark for any of these reasons. Once you know the motivation behind your dog barking, you can find ways to stop it. Here are some of the possible reasons!

Why Dogs Barkhow_to_stop_dog_barking_3

Dogs bark to scare away intruders and inform their owners the present of new animals or people in the dog’s area or territory or maybe they perceive someone or something as a potential danger.

Dogs bark to communicate with the owner. Dogs learn that through barking, they are sure to get the attention they want from their owners. They understand that when they do, they will be fed and give treats. This is a learned behavior from the reaction of the human being to their barking.

Dogs bark to relieve stress, anxiety or boredom. When dogs are alone and bored, they either bark or howl to get the attention of their owners or their fellow animals.

The fact is that you cannot really expect your dog to be completely silent all the time – barking is your dog’s way of expression. But you definitely only want your dog to bark during the potentially dangerous situation. This can be achieved by performing the following steps.

How To Train Your Dog To Bark Smartly


Use Positive Reinforcement

First, create a trigger word to let your dog know that it’s time to stop barking. If she obeys, praise her and give her treats rewards. If your dog does not, try the technique described below.

Ignore Your Dog

If you do not obey your commands to stop barking, simply walk away from her. This way, you are letting her know that when she act in such an annoying manner, she is not worthy of your interest. Initially it may continue to bark harder, but be persistent and don’t look or talk to her. Your dog will soon realize that by displaying this behavior, she might lose your attention and your love.

Distract Your Dog

Often dogs bark because they are bored or lonely, so do something to entertain her. You can leave the television or the radio on to give her a sense of company and you can also give her an entertaining toy. A simple trick to stop your dogs from barking is to give her the ball or bone or favorite toy. Dogs cannot hold anything in his mouth and bark at the same time.

Do Not Confine Your Dog

Walk your dog everyday and try to exercise her for at least half an hour a day; otherwise your dog will become restless and frustrated.

Technology Aid

Finally, thanks to advances in technology and to a wider understanding of the dogs behaviour. There are some products on the market that effectively control dog barking in a gentle and humane way. Example is an ultrasonic bark deterrent device that works by emitting ultrasonic sounds that dogs find to be unpleasant, this device can stop them from unnecessary barking.

When it comes to dog barking, some owners prefer their dogs to remain the way they are – why not? It is definitely a personal choice to train your dog to stop barking. For those who find it a need to do so, we hope you find this article useful! 🙂