/How To Take Cute Pictures Of Your Dogs

How To Take Cute Photos Of Your Dogs

Dog are so adorable, aren’t they? They can be playful and fun to be with! They can play around and amuse you with their actions and performance. You can share their attractiveness by taking pictures of them, especially if they are in the mood to play and do tricks or even in their cutest moment!

As we all know, it is a bit difficult to take pictures of dogs. It is so hard to capture their unimaginable cuteness with a simple camera or phone! They never want to look at the camera or the phone – it’s as if they think it will steal their souls! Flashes look horrible to them. So, if you really want to take your dog picture, you should consider the following tips!

1. Have Patience


You should have a lot of tolerance taking good shoots on them, together with a high-end camera to take pictures of your dog even if they are moving around. A superior high speed shutter camera is highly recommended to take photos of a moving dog. This will help you take picture of your dog even when they are running or playing around.

2. Handling A Camera-shy Dog


You should consider the distance between you and your dog as well! Most of the time, the dog’s face is the most prominent feature where you would love to capture. Also, it is where their features are enhanced! You should have a camera that has a zooming ability so you wouldn’t have to get too close to your dogs just to take picture of their faces!

Also, let your dog get used to the camera, the click and flash of a camera can give your dog a shock. Let your dog be familiar with the camera, you can start casually shooting the surroundings (if you have a film camera, you can do this before you load the film). Once your dog’s get used to the camera and starts doing his own thing, begin taking pictures.

3. Avoid Flash


To evade washed-out pictures, take the picture in the mornings or evenings, on slightly overcast days, or in the shade on a bright day. For indoor shots, you will probably need a flash. To obtain a more natural-looking shot, use an off-camera flash and rotate it upward so the light’s bouncing off the ceiling. If you are taking the picture during the day time, open the curtains and let the light flood the room.

You also need to get down on your dog’s level because if you stand over your dog and look down, all shot you take is going to look like everyone else’s. If you’ve got a point-and-shoot camera, have your dog at some few feet in front of the background so he’ll be more in focus than whatever is behind him, also pay attention to color too! Don’t use black backgrounds for black dogs, brown backgrounds for brown dogs, and so on.

4. Trick Your Dog


Finally, if your dog is always on the move, then you might consider asking someone familiar or a family member to distract your dog while you are taking the dog pictures. It is highly recommended to use treats or its favourite toy to get your dog to the desired position! Alternatively, you can get this person to take the shot while you play around with your dog to personally control the outcome.