/Dog Training Tips: Disc Dog Training

Dog Training Tips: Disc Dog Training

Training a disc dog can be very rewarding for both you and your dog! It has a lot of positive benefits like getting your dog to perform positive training. However, training for a disc dog is a bit more complex than a basic command. In addition, you do need to teach him some basic commands first, like fetch, catch, retrieve and drop. That being said, in this article today we will be looking at the steps needed to achieve a good disc dog, and the training involved, although some breeds are better than other at this, almost all breeds have had success with this sport activity, so read on to learn more.

Training Process


It is usually best to start with a ball or something small to get him to perform the fetch and retrieve, because once he knows these two basic commands he can then move on to the disc. However, don’t use a human disc, because they can cause injury, and there are plenty of dog discs out there on the market to suit your dog that won’t hurt him. Moreover, using positive training will ensure he picks it up quickly and be eager to do more. In addition, using treats and lots of praise will undoubtedly give you better results, never scold him, and just reward everything he does correctly.

If your dog is wary of the disc at first, try feeding him some food out of it, play a little tug of war with him, but let him win and praise him throughout this training. If you start by rolling the disc sideways along the ground he will more than likely chase it and get used to it, then you can eventually start to throw the disc. Moreover, you can alternate between throwing the disc, and rolling the disc so every action is positive for him. Keep in mind, that it may take 100 or more throws before he catches his first one, but once he is done with it, he will get better and better until he has mastered it.

Training Tips


Initially your dog may chase the disc, but only pick it up when it lands, this is just the starting point and you are creating the drive! Once he gets to the point when he wants it enough, he will eventually pluck it out of the air before it lands. Finally, patience is the key when training disc dogs, and you will be rewarded eventually. That being said, be sure to buy more than one disc, because dogs have sharp teeth and will destroy discs over time. Once you and your dog have mastered the disc activity you can go on to do lots of different tricks, and you both will have a lot of fun do it as well. Moreover, you can even enter competitions if he gets good enough.