/How to Build and Use a Dog House

Is your dog outdoors much of the time, especially while you are away at work? If the weather decides to turn sour and rain, he is going to be in a sorry state without a roof over his head! A dog house should provide protection from the elements and an escape from the outside environment. Keep in mind, it is usually going to be much cheaper if an owner builds his own dog house vs. purchasing one.

Psychology Behind the Dog House


Believe it or not, celebrities sometimes pay hundreds of thousands of dollars (people have exceeded a million) on large, elaborate dog houses most humans would be envious of (or our kids, since they are the only ones who would fit). You really must see these things!

And, guess what? Their dogs couldn’t care less. Tell you the honest truth, any dog (being pack animals) would rather live with their human family members than some extravagant doggy mansion. All these blown up, outrageously expensive houses are to them is ‘dens’, or ‘escapes’ from the outside world when they feel stressed, anxious, or to get away from inclement weather. Dogs don’t comprehend the meaning of aesthetics or the value humans place on it. In other words, they are a celebrity’s way of saying “Look at me, I have more money than you.” One could wonder how much more good that wasted money could do for the millions of dogs who actually desperately need it if invested into charities, but I digress.

In other words, function is more important than anything else! Your dog house doesn’t need to be extravagant or unique; it doesn’t need to resemble some foriegn castle or mansion. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a ‘doggy log cabin’. Your dog isn’t going to care! Your dog will care if his house keeps him warm, dry, and provides an escape from outside intrusions (pestering people, kids, etc). That is all you need to worry about!

Building a Dog House


Building a dog house isn’t very complicated at all! One just have to follow the planned out instructions, doesn’t deviate from or take any shortcuts, and use the required materials as stated. Here are some general instructions to build dog houses!


Exterior-grade plywood is recommended as it is a natural insulator to keep the doghouse warm and cool, whenever necessary. Good quality plywood or wood should be free of checks and splinters to prevent unnecessary incidents. Do take note that pressure-treated wood contains chemicals that are harmful for dogs. Avoid using it, or if necessary, use it only for the base where your dog can’t chew on it.


Plan beforehand how your dog house should look. Specific measurements should be stated to ease visualization and execution. You are now ready to cut out the pieces! Small holes could be created at the back panel for ventilation purposes. After finish cutting, do remember to sand out sharp edges and splinter.Your dog house should be above the ground level, approximately a few inches, to prevent water from entering. Door should be kept as small as necessary. If you wish to stain or paint the box, don’t forget to use a low-VOC exterior stain or paint! For more specific instructions, do head over to DIY Network Dog House !2