/We Just Can’t “Bear” the Cuteness of These Dogs!

We Just Can’t “Bear” the Cuteness of These Dogs!

32775135 - tibetan mastiff puppy dog playing in the snow portrait

This guest posting is brought to you by Adventoro.com (Check us out at www.adventoro.com) Thanks to our friends at Perropet, we are privileged to be given this opportunity to share a little bit of cuteness with you!

Are these “Bear-like Dogs” or “Dog Bears”?

What do teddy bears and puppies have in common? Perhaps it’s their soft furs, glossy round ‘puppy eyes’, their irrefutable cuteness that leaves you in a puddle of gooey mess and also their inherent ability to soothe your warring heart and turbulent minds. What happens when Nature throws it all into a cauldron and mix them up? You’ll get dogs looking like bear pups and vice versa, double the cuteness! So here are a few we think you should definitely meet!

Meet the Alaskan Malamute Puppy / ‘Teddy Bear Look-Alike Contest Winner’

46968002 - tabby kitten and alaskan malamute puppy standing together in autumn park.

The Alaskan Malamute is an arctic sled dog. Generations of pulling sleds and the effect of nature has granted the Alaskan Malamute with a powerful built—strong, muscular and with a deep chest. Staring into the eyes of one, you’d be amazed by how much curiosity and intelligence stirs deep within. With its wooly undercoat  and coarse, thick guard coat, the Alaskan Malamute is well-prepped for colder and harsher conditions. They seldom bark and when they do, it is vocalised as a ‘woo woo’ sound, akin to a wolf’s howl. Doesn’t the puppy just look like a little teddy bear? Aww

Say Hello to the Fuzzy and Cuddly Chow Chow

19202208 - portrait of a dog chow chow

This large furry dog looks something like  a cross between a lion, a bear and a dog! With its deep-set eyes and shaggy mane framing its head, Chow Chows carry themselves with poise and dignity. However, though it has such lush fur, it is not really fond of being hugged but its loyalty knows no bounds! Fascinatingly, Chow Chow’s have unique physical traits; their blue-black tongue—which, according to Chinese legend, it came to be because a Chow licked rivulets of colours falling from the sky as it was being painted—and the ability to stand almost upright on their rear legs. As one of the oldest dog breeds out there, aren’t they simply adorable?!

Meet this Soft and Fluffy Newfoundland Puppy

44248049 - portrait of the cute puppy of newfoundland dog

Originating from Canada, this gorgeous breed looks almost like a brown bear (when fully grown)—just Google it and you’ll see! Like the brown bear, the Newfoundland Dog is massive and powerful but unlike bears, they are extremely friendly. Their fur colours ranges from black and grey to white and brown. Bred as working dogs, this Canadian breed assists fishermen to haul in their catch or carry wood from the forest. Like bears, they are also good swimmers but unlike bears, they are gentle and highly affectionate—the perfect family companion!

The Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog / ‘Polar Bear Impersonator’

62496646 - portrait of great pyrenees dog in nature. happy couple in the background.

Another enormous dog breed, its shaggy white fur might make you think you’re about to encounter a polar bear, if seen from a distance. Crouched shoulder to shoulder, the smallest adult male polar bear is even smaller than the smallest adult Pyrenees Mountain dog. Trained to look after livestock, this gentle dog provides assistance to shepherds at the Pyrenees mountain region of France and Northern Spain. Filling in their role as guardian, the Pyrenees Mountain dogs are aggressive when confronting predators intending to do harm to its flock.

…And Presenting: Sun Bears, the Lovable “Dog Bears”

10092115 - sun bear (ursus malayanus) or honey bear

Sun bears have a relatively small build (smallest of all bears) and short muzzles that have earned them an endearing nickname, “dog bears”! Although they are more bear than dog, they are much like our doggies too. Just like dogs, they have keen olfactory senses that can detect even the faintest smell, something we humans cannot hope to compete with, for up to 32 km away! They are able to detect the scent of honey from beehives, insect larvae, wild berries and other animals to prey on. Furthermore, just like our doggies, these bears with their cute natural ‘golden bibs’ crave attention and love too!

Thus, check out Adventoro’s Sun Bear Adventure Tour to experience and learn about the conservation efforts for these magnificent creatures. Located in Sandakan, Malaysia, the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSCC) provide for the care, rehabilitation and release of orphaned and captive sun bears, as well as address the lack of knowledge and awareness of this little-known bear both in Malaysia and internationally!

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