/What To Do If You Are Bitten By A Dog

What To Do If You’re Are Bitten By Dog

When it comes to dog bites, it can be quite serious, depending on the bite, and bites can vary from a little nip from a puppy to an aggressive bite from a large stray dog. However, the most important thing when you’ve been bitten by a dog is to know exactly what you should do, and knowing what to do will be the difference between being ok or getting a serious infection, or worse.

Having said that, here in this article today we will be talking about what to do if you’re bitten by a dog, so you will know what to do if and when the time occurs.


A nip from a puppy is usually just a scratch, or he has just broken the skin, and in this case you are generally good just to wash the cut or scratch with soapy warm water and dry then apply some antibiotic cream. However, if your puppy has gone a bit deeper and drawn blood you should not try to stop the bleeding straight away, but let it bleed for a couple of minutes first, so that infection doesn’t get a chance to get into the wound, then seek medical attention.

Moreover, if your puppy has been with you for a while he probably doesn’t have rabies, but it can be a different story if a stray adult dog bites you.


If you ever get bitten by a stray dog, or another dog in the street that has an owner, there are two different scenarios here, because if the dog has an owner, you can at least find out if he has had his rabies shots. Moreover, this is an important step, you should get the owners details, so that the police can check the paperwork on the dog, otherwise you could end up going through some painful steps of having rabies shots yourself.

If it is a stray dog that has bitten you, then you may have to have rabies shots anyway, because this condition is almost always fatal if not treated quickly, in either case you should report it to the police.


Finally, if you are bitten by a unknown dog, unless the wound is life threatening and gushing blood, you should again let it bleed for a few minutes to help clear out any infection, then apply pressure to try and stop the bleeding. Having said that, try to stay calm at all times, don’t try and hold the dog or chase it, report it to the police and animal control, so they can try and catch it.

Bites always have the risk of infection, so when you have stopped the bleeding, clean it thoroughly, bandage it, then go to the emergency room to get checked out, because it is always better to be safe than sorry, and take pictures of the wound, because they may find the owner who may be responsible for compensation.