/Dog Food Review: Grandma Lucy’s Freeze Dried Raw Singapore
grandma lucy dog food review singapore

grandma lucy dog food review singapore

Grandma Lucy is an American Company that concentrates on producing easy to prepare, healthy pet food. The company instance freezes dried foods are prepared with human grade ingredients in California office, and offer grain free formulas that have hormone and antibiotic free meats.

Since 1999, the organization has been dedicated to healthy pet nourishment and prior to that, they were making excellent natural treats for their own dogs, as well as to a wide audience of pets. It was in reaction to melamine crisis in the early 2000s that Grandma Lucy’s became more passionate about making their pets’ food accessible to an even more extensive client base.

Every one of Grandma Lucy’s ranges of foods is hand-made in little batches to guarantee the best quality, freshest food. Grandma Lucy’s use freeze-drying instead of dehydration, as freeze-drying is known to conserve the nutrition and the quality of raw foods and leaves more of the enzymes in the diet and able to catalyze chemical reactions.

Four Ranges of Grandma Lucy’s


Grandma Lucy’s VALOR is a new freeze-dried dog food that contains quinoa, a notable superfood, remarkable for its high protein and nutrient values. Quinoa has twice the fiber found in most grains and about 50% more protein. Also, quinoa is a seed instead of grain, and the plant itself is strongly connected to spinach and beet, therefore it cannot disturb dogs with grain sensitivities.

PURE-FORMANCE:  is another formula, this comes with chickpea instead of grains- Also recognized as Garbanzo Beans; Chickpeas are low glycemic legumes that are the source of protein, fiber, folic acid, and essential amino acid lysine. Folic acid is very significant for cardiovascular health, which is essential for energy production. Fiber is important to help proper digestion and Lysine is vital for several body functions including growth and maintenance of tissues and muscles.

Grandma Lucy’s Artisan: this is another variety of Granma Lucy’s pet food, like Pureformance, Artisan is all natural, grain-free, and is suitable for all stages of life. Its featuring about seven flavors, such as mutton, pork, chicken, pre-mix, chicken, and fish. As Pureformance highlights Chickpea as its major ingredient, Artisan features Potatoes.

Macanna is the fourth range of Grandma Lucy’s pet food, and it is an anti-inflammatory food made with Pinto Beans, Coconut, Kale, Hemp hearts, and Turmeric. All ingredients in macanna formula have specific benefits to the pet health.

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Benefits of Grandma Lucy’s freeze dried raw


The most important benefit is that the quality make Grandma Lucy’s freeze-dried dog’s food the ideal travel food for all pet owners who feed their pet raw and homemade diets to bring it along on car rides and camping trips.

Secondly, It takes a very short period of time to rehydrate, once hot water has been included, it’s ready to be devoured by your fuzzy friend within 3-5 minutes.

The next benefit is that it’s stable, as water and oxygen have been evacuated. It is light for the same reason of not containing any water. This means that a 3-pound pack makes about 14 pounds of fresh food and a 10-pound bag makes about 46 lbs of fresh food.

Finally, it’s less prepared than most pet food available in the market. This maintains the cell structure of the food without compromising nutrients, vitamins, aroma or color. And like human pet benefits more by eating minimal processed food.

Best of all, it is great for picky dogs! Check out what happens when picky dogs try Grandma Lucy’s!