/Why Should You Adopt Your Next Pet?

If a choice was to be made between adopting and buying a dog, which will be your choice? An avid dog lover will not have a hard time in making the right decision! Adopt, don’t buy! But why? There are many reasons for choosing adoption instead, to list a few:

1. Affordable

The cost of purchasing a puppy is very high. A puppy can cost up to $3,000 depending on the breed and its country of origin. However, adopting a dog is significantly cheaper. In addition, shelter dogs have up-to-date vaccinations and may be neutered. This yet again made it much more affordable than buying one which requires you to go through the necessary procedures as mentioned.

2. Trained/Well Socialized

Shelter dogs have voluntary dog trainers and walkers that work with them in understanding basic commands. These dogs, having to live with the other dogs in the shelter, are well socialized too. Therefore, training shelter dogs are less strenuous, and adopters will have no fear in bringing their dogs out for social gatherings (with and without dogs).

3. Save a Life

Most shelters are welfare organisations with limited capabilities in housing more dogs than they can. The shelters are limited by space and fundings which at times results in dogs having to be euthanized. Hence, adoptions assist in lesser dogs having their live taken away without their will.

4. Health

Despite being shelter dogs, they are as healthy as a homed dog can be. As dog shelters are usually run by animals expertise, if not, organisations that teams up with animals expertise, they are likely to have a thorough check on the health of the abandoned dogs. If the dogs are unhealthy, these animals expertise will ensure that the dogs becomes better and recovers from the illnesses they are suffering from as much as possible. Hence, it is likely that the dogs are of good health and is as active as a homed dog. Adopting a dog is as meaningful as it can get.

Adopt and not buy!

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