/Why Primal Is Best Selling in Singapore

Feeding our dog seems simple enough, but do we really know what is in the dog food we buy? Many owners buy the cheapest brand because it’s convenient, or we don’t think it’s worth paying extra for the same food. However, not all dog foods are the same, in fact many are inferior and do not have the essential ingredients our dogs need to live a healthy life. The Primal brand is completely different in the way that it cares about what goes in to their product, so in this article today we will be looking into the Primal brand to see what sets it apart from most other foods.

primal best selling singapore

Primal started back in 2001 with the sole goal to provide a more natural, organic diet that was as close to nature as you could get, while at the same time providing the essential vitamins and protein that our dogs need to live an active, healthy life. The Primal brand provides human grade, antibiotic free and steroid free game and poultry, with certified organic produce, minerals and also unrefined minerals. Having said that, what this means for your dog, is that he will be getting a more natural diet full of the essential nutrients he needs to stay healthy, leading to a longer more fuller life.


With more dogs getting diet related issues, more and more people are turning to natural ingredients which they can recognize, instead of the cheap brands which have many filler foods, like hoofs and even hair, which has absolutely no benefit to our pets. Primal has only the best raw ingredients and even treats, and you can read many testimonials from happy customers who wouldn’t use any other brand after switching to Primal. Moreover, you owe it to yourself and your best friend to try the Primal products and see for yourself what a difference a new diet can make, because you will see more energy in your dog and less vet visits because he will be more healthier for it.