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Wellbeing dog food is considered to be a prime dog meal, high quality. They delight in using human grade ingredients. The company uses real meat, without artificial colors or flavors, or soy, without corn, wheat and without byproducts, and uses antioxidants, probiotics and omega fatty acids in their pet food. Although, many dog food manufacturers can make these same claims, however, Wellness CORE Dry Food and Wet Food Ocean has had a good name with pet owners for a long time.

The company offers six kibbles on the full health line. This line of food includes boneless chicken, lamb, turkey, salmon and white fish; Oatmeal, barley, brown rice, sweet potatoes and peas, crude protein and fat percentages are typically 22 and 12 for adult dog formulas, although they are higher for toy dogs and big breed adult formulas.

The following are some of the benefits of feeding your dog’s Wellness Core dog food.

Benefits of feeding your dog’s Wellness Core

Wellness Core Ocean Dry Dog Food Wellness Core Ocean Wet Dog Food

Wellness Core Formula is a high-quality animal protein and omega 3 fatty acids for hair and skin health for puppies, adults and older dogs of all breeds and sizes. If you are considering making a change to dog food from the welfare base, always check with your vet before changing your dog food. Therefore, it is worth trying to see the difference you will notice in the health and happiness of your dog.

With over 80% of meat compared to traditional dog food containing grains, this highly nutritious dog food is to support the philosophy of raw food requiring a high level of meat.

Your dog’s overall health will be improved for the reason that his digestive system is not working so hard to process the beans. Unlike people, dog digestive systems do not have the ability to process grains successfully. The excrement of your puppy should not resemble that of a human being. This happens because of the consumption of grains in dog food. Wheat and different grains in your dog’s food work as stuffing, but not really feed the dog.

Digesting corn and other cereals can be challenging for some dogs, particularly if they have insufficient amylase enzymes. This enzyme is very important for the decomposition of starch and carbohydrates into simple sugary compounds. Therefore, the absence of this enzyme can affect the digestion of the grain and cause several gastrointestinal problems in dogs. Such dogs can benefit from welfare dog food.

It has been observed that dogs suffering from diseases such as diabetes and cancer can benefit from a wellness core. Diabetic dogs should not be fed with foods rich in basic starch because these can increase your blood sugar levels. Regardless of the possibility that your dog does not have diabetes, a diet high in basic carbohydrates like starch can cause an overproduction of insulin and weight gain. This can ultimately result in diabetes as well.

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