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Primal Freeze-Dried Canine Venison Formula

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I like to take care of my health and of my dog’s health. We all know that health is all about exercise and nutrition and that’s why I always try to find the best quality food, which is, unfortunately, usually very expensive. Primal Freeze-Dried Canine Venison Formula offers, in my opinion, great quality for a very fair price.

Experiences of feeding my dog’s Primal Freeze-Dried Canine Venison Formula

Primal Freeze-Dried Canine Venison Formula

Dogs thrive on a raw foods diet. What else do you think they’d eat in the nature? Unfortunately, raw feeding requires lots of research and planning and that’s why I was so excited when I found about the Primal’s dog food formula. Their raw frozen formula is a complete meal for a dog and ensures balanced nutrition without time consuming planning.

The ingredients list is amazing! This dog food is really just best quality meat with some essential supplements, not soy/wheat with a little bit of meat flour like many other dog foods. While many other companies use the lowest quality meat, Primal only uses venison raised without any antibiotics or hormones.

I can not stress out enough how simple the preparation of this food is! Just add some water and, voila, the perfect meal is ready. Who thought raw(ish) feeding could be this simple!

My personal experiences with this brand are only positive. My dogs love it and it has helped them cure some health issues. My Golden Retriever no longer suffers from hair loss and is really thriving on this raw-foods based diet. All of my dogs are leaner since I started feeding them Primal’s formula and they no longer have problems with excess weight.

The digestion is great and my dogs defecate regularly and the faeces are always firm and healthy.

I think that switching to Primal’s formula is a great investment, because your dog will be much healthier and you will spend less money at the vet.

All thing considered, Primal Freeze-Dried Canine Venison Formula is probably the best value you can get for your money.

Want to start feeding great dry dog food? Try Primal Freeze-Dried Canine Venison Formula here!

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