/What is Dog Hotel?

Years ago, your options were limited to a fenced in ‘cage’, basically nothing more than you would find at many animal shelters. Then came the ‘dog run’, basically just a bigger fenced in, cemented enclosure.

As the pet industry grew to the giant it currently is, and competition increased as the demand for dog boarding rose, your options became much more luxurious. Today’s dog boarders are closer to ‘luxurious dog hotels’, many offering ‘doggy spas’, ‘doggy television’, carpeted enclosures with agility equipment to run around and play in, dog training, and more!

In fact, many of these ‘dog hotels’ could even be considered nicer than some human hotels, especially with optional pampering offered. Your dog might end up enjoying your vacation more than you will!


Some Options Available:

Doggy Daycare

Dog Boarding

Dog ‘spa

Doggy Television

Veterinary Supervision & Care

Dog Training

Play Areas

Live Webcams

Your options for your pooch are really only limited by your budget.

Daycare & Boarding Services


The terms ‘Doggy Daycare’ and ‘Dog Boarding’ are basically self explanatory. For a more detailed description:


Doggy ‘daycare’ is basically self explanatory- a daycare. Owners go off to work and drop their pets off at the dog daycare facility until the end of the day.

Cats would be completely content spending a day alone, but dogs, being pack animals, would ideally prefer the company of other animals- be it dogs or humans. Aside from that, some dogs might become anxious while their owner is away and cause any manner of destruction. It might be better to have others watch these pets in a safe environment.

Puppies especially can get into trouble, even injure themselves, while unsupervised.

Boarding Services

When owners venture overseas, travel in general, or simply leave for an extended duration, it’s important to leave their dogs in the capable hands of others. This is where boarding facilities come in, ‘boarding, pets for a lengthy period of time.

The inclusion of trained and experienced professionals may in fact be the single most important aspect, as opposed to hourly employees simply working for minimal wages and nothing more, no care as to the well being of their animals past what it means for them.


Make sure those that are in charge of the care of your pet know what they are doing! Be sure to check credentials and educational experience as well as references and reputation.

Today’s dog hotels sure are a far cry from the cemented wire cages of the past!

Unforeseen Neglect

Even if your dog is a fully grown, ‘responsible’ adult, it could almost be considered ‘cruel’ to leave him/her alone and unsupervised for days at a time or longer. Dogs are pack animals, naturally intended to socialize with others daily, and don’t do well alone for long periods. Even if they have access to enough food and manage not to hurt themselves, they wouldn’t be happy at all.