/Perro Adoption and Donation: #SavingtheSiameses

94 Cats found in HDB Flat at Fernvale


Sounds crazy, isn’t it? A total of 94 cats and kittens were found in the house of a backyard breeder. Sounds disastrous already? That’s not it. All of the cats were found in very bad and filthy condition. The cats reeked of urine and poop, and their bodies are stained with urine and caked-up poop. Additionally, there are many of them with pus-oozing wounds, missing eyeballs, and a majority of them are having cat flu.


According to the rescuers, this is a classic case of illegal breeding. Such situation usually occur when breeding goes out of control, and rescuers have to step in to clear the mess that shouldn’t even happen in the first place.


Some of the cats have a missing eye could be due to genetics or inbreeding. One of the boys only has one testicle, which could be a result of inbreeding. One kitten has since passed away as the mother cat was too dehydrated and sick to feed her babies well..


How To Contribute

1. Donation

Only cash donation is accepted for now. Head over to Saving The Siamese facebook page to find out how you can contribute. Currently, they are not accepting food donation as of now. The cats are on a specific brand of good quality kibbles to ensure consistency and prevent stomach upsets (so rescuers have one less problem to worry about). Rescuers are currently getting the cats’ food supplies from pet distributors and retailers. Kibbles, water and litter are also included in the rental of catteries.

2. Word of Mouth

It is important to raise awareness of Saving the Siamese. This will educate the public to stop supporting backyard breeders and of course, adopt don’t shop!

3. Adopt, don’t shop

Great news for those looking for a new pet, these adorable pets will be up for adoption. However, please be patient and this may require some time. More information on adoption will be released after they are groomed, sterilized, and fully healthy!

4. Contribute to the cat’s food supply via PerroMart 

This donation is in collaboration with Kit Cat. Simply purchase Kit Cat wet canned food from PerroMart at a discounted price of $19.90 (usual price $36 ). After paying for it, PerroMart will consolidate all the cans and deliver it for you! Save a cat, save a life! Your kindness is greatly appreciated! All cans bought from here goes to the welfare directly. Buy here now.

Photos are all taken from Saving the Siameses Facebook Page. As for now, do check the page out for more instant updates!