/Unique Toys Your Dogs Need To Have

1. Snack & Dash Treat Launcher


Is your dog easily distracted during mealtimes? It’s maybe time to spice meal times up with this launcher. Not only suitable for snack time, this is a perfect toy to feed picky dogs. Firstly, fill up the storage with your pup’s favourite kibbles or small-sized treats and just trigger the launch with a tap of your finger! The shooting range for this launcher is about 8 -10 feet long. Every dog owner needs to get this!

Want to start making your  dog’s snack time more fun? Get Snack & Dash Treat Launcher here!

2. Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Gun


Does your dog like to play fetch? This toy is fur your dog! The gun’s high-powered blasting action launches the tennis ball over 50 feet in the air – what?! That’s just plain exciting. Of course, it is safe and easy to use. The Nerf Dog Blaster Balls stands up to extended chewing and makes a squeaking sound that no dogs will ever reject. Every gun comes with a tennis ball. Afraid that your ball will go missing? A refill pack is available too. Playtime is gonna be so much fun!

Time to keep things exciting with the Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Gun. Get your paws on this here!

3. The Foobler

Is your dog overweight? This toy may just be for your furkid! The Foobler is a smart, self-loading puzzle feeder with 6 timer activated pods. For dogs with separation anxiety, it helps to keep them occupied throughout the day with food coming out from it time to time. As for overweight dogs, the Foobler helps you to manage feeding times, portion sizes! Say goodbye to overfeeding!  The Foobler is made of high density polyethylene for durability, and specially designed with removable hard-shelled battery and motor drive compartment for easy cleaning. Woohoo, don’t you love this already?

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4. Outward Hound Paw Hide Puzzle Training Toy


Want your dog to have a higher IQ? Get its paws on Paw Hide! Start by filling the six treat-hiding chambers with treats or kibbles. Next, teach your dog how to use the six treat-hiding cups. After all the sniffing and pawing, your dog will quickly learn how to retrieve the hidden treats. The Paw Hide is best for dogs with separation anxiety – keeps them entertained all day! This is one of the highly recommended interactive, treat-seeking puzzles and exercise toy! Psst, it is BPA, PVC, & phthalate free – your dog is in safe hands!

Are you up for some challenge? Let your dog be smarter with Outward Hound Paw Hide Puzzle Training Toy here!