/Perro Feature: Before and After Dog Adoption Singapore
dog adoption before after

1. Lucky (@justbeinglucky)

dog adoption before after dog adoption before after

Lucky used to be breeding dog – mistreated & unloved. When we went to the adoption fair, she was at a corner, unnoticed. Because of her brown fur and her unkept appearance, not many paid attention to her. However, her quiet and calm personality was what attracted us & of course what we call – fate! After a few paper works, we brought her home. The first few months wasn’t easy. Because of how she was neglected in the past, she had bad oral hygiene and even tick fever. Loads of care and attention was required.

Moreover, as she was always locked up in cages, she didn’t know how to socialize & was rather apprehensive when humans approach her. Over the months, with a lot of love, care and time that was devoted to her, Lucky was transformed. I’d like to use the phrase “an ugly duckling turned into a swan.” And it’s true. She has been the best gift to our family and we are grateful to have her.

2. Jingle (@jinglethespitz)

dog adoption before after dog adoption before after

Jingle’s previous owner had to give her up due to family issues. She was already 1.5 years old then. As we were looking for a dog to adopt, we went viewing. After getting backed out by at least 10 owners, we did not have too much hope.. The moment we reached there, we were welcomed by her bark. The way she sat, with her arms crossed was what caught our eyes! She was very skinny and short coat, which made her look very weak. The first few months were difficult, she was always hungry, pulls on leash and not indoor pee-trained. After months of pampering and training, she is now fluffy and more well-trained than when she first came. We never regretted bringing this bundle of joy home – except during shedding seasons…. (just for laugh!)

3. Joy Joy (@toy.tui.joy)

dog adoption before after

We used to have a Shihtzu named Toytoy whom we’ve adopted 3 years ago, however she passed away last October due to lymphoma cancer and tumours. Half a year passed and some how we still miss having her around. Few months before, I went on to search for Shihtzus up for adoption and saw Ice’s and Brenda’s photos. My hubby and I were attracted to Ice and thus contacted Catherine from K9 Missions, ALL Rehoming Team.

Just nice they are having an adoption drive that weekend and so we went over. Weeks passed and I got to know from Catherine that Brenda had went for home stay, which I felt happy for because its good that she finally has a home! One day, Catherine texted me that Brenda was back with them and will be staying with her for the next few days, and she happened to live near me! I talked to my parents and went over to view Brenda that night, I know how much my parents feared of losing another dog when the dog pass on.

But some how in between the viewing, my mom’s heart went soft and they decided to give this little girl a home to spend for the rest of her life. That night, they even thought of the same name for Brenda without discussing, and the name is JoyJoy. We hope that she will be a happy dog with us and brings joy to everyone

4. Golden (@goldenthecockerspaniel)

dog adoption before afterdog adoption before after

Golden was adopted via private adoption. When he came at 9 months old, he was pretty much full grown already and was grass-trained so it saved us the hassle of potty training. He knew some tricks, but as a pup, he was literally a bundle of energy and really hard to walk. It took a lot of effort to lower his energy level and keep him under control because he could get feisty and out of control sometimes. That included jogging 3-5 times a week and long walks almost everyday. Food wise was pretty easy because he’d eat anything that could fit into his mouth, literally. At the end of the day, he’s now a healthy happy furry trooper with a bottomless pit of a tummy!

5. Yuyu & Yumi (@yuyu.to.yumi)

dog adoption before after

Yumi was rescued from the streets of Shanghai, China, and when he was found he was in extremely bad condition. He was found covered in fleas and ticks (suggesting he has been on the streets for a very long time), starving badly to the point where you could see his bones, his teeth were damaged, his legs were all injured resulting in him not being able to walk normally and most scarily, he had two big burn marks on his back.

My mother spent about 6 months nursing his back to health, while arranging for his immigration to Singapore. On 29 August 2016, he was brought to Singapore to start his new life. He was finally allowed to go home on 27 September, and to spend the rest of his life happily with his new friend Yuyu the Toy Poodle, another rescue. What I’ve learnt from Yumi is that no matter what happens, always stay happy. Despite having so many injuries on his body, he is still smiling and having fun every single day. If you wish to help Yuyu and Yumi’s owner rescue more dogs from China, you may contact her for more details!

Here at Perro Co, we cannot help but emphasize the importance of adopting a dog! It’s true that you may not change the world just by adopting…. but every rescue counts. For sure, you will definitely change the world of every rescued dog. The breed, size, colour of any dog doesn’t matter. Every dog is a bundle of joy! Adopt, don’t shop. Start adopting from one of these dog shelters in Singapore now!