/When Should Dogs Wear The E-Collar
when to use a dog cone

When Should Your Dog Wear a Pet E-collar

An e-collar (Elizabethan collar) or a pet cone is often referred to as pet lamp-shade or cone of shame. It looks funny and can be very annoying for your dog. It’s important to understand why your dog needs it and to introduce it in the right way.

A pet cone is usually worn after surgeries to prevent your dog from licking, scratching and biting the wound. Sometimes it’s also necessary for a dog to wear an e-collar when your dog scratches or bites himself for unknown (or known) reasons.

For instance, your dog might be scratching his skin because of fleas so intensively that he could injure himself. A pet collar is an amazing solution that makes treatment a lot easier in many cases. It’s usually provided by a vet, but can also be bought in a pet store if you feel like your dog might need it.

How To Use a Dog E-collar

when to use a dog cone

Wearing a cone should be part of socialization – just like wearing a muzzle. Make your puppy familiar with it in the early stages of socialization and train with it regularly during the lifetime of a dog.

If your dog needs it and has never been introduced to it – do not worry! Show your dog the collar and reward MASSIVELY when your dog looks at it. The idea is to make sure your dog has a positive association with a pet cone. At first let your dog wear it for a few minutes while you reward him heavily and then slowly increase the duration. Dogs often become depressed it the collar is presented to them too quickly and they can loose appetite. Some dogs even stop drinking water.

Tips on Using a Dog E-collar

when to use a dog cone

To make wearing a cone as enjoyable for a dog as possible, you can buy special e-collars with a soft fabric trim around the neck area. It’s good to give your dog breaks from wearing a cone. While you have your dog under control, you can take the cone off to give your dog some relief.

An e-collar is also less convenient during rainy weather, so you might consider other forms of exercise or simply take the cone off while you walk your dog! That is also only possible if you trust him not to hurt himself.

A cone is a great tool and should be always used with the dog’s well-being in mind. Sometimes, it is necessary for your dog’s health, but it’s always better to slowly get your dog used to it. Remember – your dog will only wear an e-collar for a short period of time. Even though it’s annoying it’s very beneficial and will not last long.