/Dog Food Review: Petcurean Go! Limited Ingredient Diet Salmon Singapore

Petcurean Go! Limited Ingredient Diet Salmon Dog Food Review

Created specifically for dogs suffering from unknown food allergens, limited ingredient dog foods help to narrow, if not avoid entirely, that specific allergen causing problems. After consulting your veterinarian about his allergies, he or she will likely recommend a limited ingredient dog food.

Benefits of Limited Ingredient Diet


1. Zero grains, gluten or potatoes

2. Antioxidants to support increased immunity

3. Zero by-product meals, added growth hormones or artificial preservatives

Ingredients Analysis


No Useless By-Products

Many manufacturers like to try and ‘fool’ consumers by listing meat ‘by-products’. When in fact, by-products are defined as a great many waste materials (considered unfit for human consumption) other than meat. They are NOT meat, and offer very little to no nutritional value whatsoever. By-products are one of the direct marks of a cheaply manufactured food.


We’ve all heard the term, but who really knows what an antioxidant is? Man-made or natural substances that help prevent or delay some types of cell damage. Antioxidants are found in many foods, prominent among fruits and vegetables.


Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, both Salmon and Salmon oil are fantastic ingredients found in Petcurean Go! Dog food, promoting the immune system as well as skin and coat health! Considered a ‘meat concentrate’, salmon meal (second ingredient) provides a great source of high quality protein as well! Don’t forget the omega oils for healthy skin and coat!

Tapioca, Peas & Lentils

The third, fourth and fifth ingredients found in Petcurean Go! Limited Ingredient Dog Food were carefully designed to offer quality carbohydrates while maintaining a natural richness in fibre. Zero wheat, beef, chicken, corn or soy

Glycemic Index

Developed for human nutrition but applicable for pets as well, the Glycemic Index is based on a scale that measures how quickly a source of carbohydrates breaks down into root glucose and is absorbed in our cells for energy. Each ingredient is carefully chosen with the Glycemic Index in mind, Petcurean Go! Limited Ingredient Diet Salmon is ideal to suit our pet’s daily energy needs.

Guaranteed Analysis

At a dry matter protein reading of 27%, a fat level of 13% and estimated carbohydrates of about 52%, Petcurean Go! Limited Ingredient Diet Salmon easily meets base nutritional requirements for our dogs and cats of today!

As a plant based limited ingredient dry dog food using moderate amounts of meat meals as its main sources of animal protein, Petcurean Go! Comes highly recommended!

Start feeding limited ingredient diet dry dog food to your dog! Buy Petcurean Go! Salmon here!