/Dog Food Review: Wellness CORE Series Dry Food Small Breed

If you are looking for pet food to buy for your dog that is of good quality and high in meat content, Wellness CORE Series of dog and puppy foods is the right choice for you. If you are a small dog owner, Perromart has the Wellness CORE Series Dry Food for small breeds.


Is your dog suffering from itchy paws or ears? Or maybe it is totally rejecting the food you put out? When that happens, you need to change their diet. It is no secret that dogs love meat but most importantly, meat is a compound closely matched with their true nature diet. Grains are difficult for dogs to digest and may cause them several problems, such as difficulty passing stool, watery eyes, and itching.

Every key component of Wellness CORE Series Dry Food is packed with a high concentration of first-rate animal protein. For the protein to be most digestible and absorbent to a canine nutritionally, it needs to come from another animal. Meat meal consists of approximately 10% moisture and is the maximum concentrated source of animal protein in dog food. High exceptional meat meal is a vital part of your dog’s food regimen.

Why not try them on a grain-free diet loaded with meat based proteins, vitamins and minerals?

Wellness CORE Grain-free Small Breed Turkey & Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food


Formulates with the best quality protein to aid in providing the high energy that dogs need, Wellness Dry Dog Food for small breeds is created specifically with small breeds in mind. You may be wondering: can’t small breed food be the same as large breed food?

Well, it can, and it can’t. Smaller breeds have needs that large breeds may not have, and vice versa.

Wellness CORE Grain-free Dry Food for small breeds is a special concentration of nutrients and supplements that specifically address the needs of small breeds. This Dry Food can be served by itself or served as a topping, and it includes probiotics and antioxidants to clean out your dog’s system and aid in digestion.


Every meal time is a buffet because of the high-quality ingredients used in the Small Breed Dry Food. You can smell its flavorful waft of the meaty scent once you open a fresh packet and I’m pretty sure your dog can too! These ingredients ensure the continued health of your dog, with a longer life span to boot.

Some of the ingredients include:

Deboned Turkey
High in animal protein, deboned turkey usually loses most of its meat content after cooking, so though the protein is still there, the meat contribution is considerably less, which is why other meat sources are added to it to raise the meat content and protein sources. Turkey is a great source of protein and fatty acids.

Turkey Meal
This is produced by a process called rendering. Turkey is rendered, giving you turkey meal, which is densely packed with proteins.

Chicken Meal
Another product of rendering, chicken meal is a great source of highly concentrated proteins.

These leads greens are an excellent source of magnesium and iron, great for strong blood and digestion.

Ground Flaxseed
These are a rich source of plant protein, omega-3 acids, and supports a healthy coat and skin for your dogs.

Salmon Oil
Salmon is a naturally substantial source of healthy fatty acids of the omega class, which support healthy skin and coats in dogs.

An amino derived from glucose this dietary supplement is great for bone and joint health, as it is believed to help with arthritis and prevent hip displacement.

This mucopolysaccharide is naturally found in cartilage and bone and is included in the product to facilitate bone and joint health.

Other ingredients include potatoes, peas, chicken fat, tomato pomace, apples blueberries and kale. Some of the ingredients are mixed with tocopherols for preservation: this product is naturally preserved. The choices of non-meat ingredients that are on the label are a natural food source and no artificial fillers, artificial colours or flavours, no corn, wheat, or soy, and no by-products, a crucial point that pet lovers should take note of. The benefits of each ingredient are found on their website, a very friendly and useful source for concern owners.

Serving Guidelines

This product has guaranteed amounts of:

Crude protein

Crude fiber


Vitamin E

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids


Beta carotene, and other nutrients and minerals.

Serving portions are carefully calculated according to weight so that you do not overfeed your dog. It is crucial to note that you should never overfeed your pets. A 2 – 4 pound dog should be fed a 1/4 cup to 1/2 a cup daily, while a 21 – 25 pound dog should be fed 1 1/2 – 1 3/4 cups every day.

When combining this Dry Food with wet food, you are advised to reduce the dry food amount by 1/8 a cup to every 2 tablespoons of wet food.

This grain-free small breed product is popular among toy breed dog owners because of its triangular bite sized kibbles that are easy for tiny dogs. Having the right texture for maintaining your dog’s dental health without being awkward for a smaller mouth to devour, makes mealtime more enjoyable.

Gradually switching over to grain-free, meat packed products may greatly improve your dog’s digestion and overall health, and Wellness CORE Series Dry Food for small breeds is that kind of product. Customers who have tried it all have good things to say because their pets love this product. Perromart highly recommends not only to provide this for their regular meal times but you can use a portion of your dog’s meal for praise and reward training.

If you have your small breed pet on a pet food with grains, try switching to Wellness CORE Grain-free Small Breed Turkey and Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food. In the long run, this is a notable product that many small dog breeds seem to favour, it doesn’t come with any undesirable filler that could detract from the overall quality of its food and provides all the nutrients that your dog needs.

Let your pup eat a grain-free diet loaded with meat based proteins, vitamins and minerals. Pupchase Wellness Core Dry Breed here!