/Dog Food Review: Wellness CORE series Dry Food and Wet Food CORE Chunky Centres

Wellness CORE series Dry Food and Wet Food CORE Chunky Centres Dog Food

Individually packed in an environmentally friendly packaging, the bright friendly colours will draw you into the Wellness CORE series Dry & Wet food core chunky centres. The main draw for the pet owners in Singapore is its convenience, ready-to-go anytime packaging that is light weight and easy to feed your dog directly from the packaging itself without having to scoop it up into Fido’s bowl. This saves time and hassle for busy pet parents.


An ideal product to have for these kinds of situations:

1. Outdoor feeding like a picnic, a hike, camping

2. Emergency food storage

3. Controlled portion for someone else other than you to feed

4. Ready to use, ready to go, anytime

5. Trying out a new flavour or trying out wet food for the first time

The idea is to make it easy for busy people on the go who wants to feed their pet easily. It is easy for anyone to bring a few packs if you are bringing your dog for a day at the beach, a hike or even to the groomers to use food to ease the fear.

Plenty Of Flavours

With plenty of delicious flavours to choose from, your dog will be spoilt for choice. The recipes are carefully crafted to balance nutrition with taste, as well as to match the benefits of each food group so that they complement each other.


Wellness CORE Chunky Centers – Chicken, Chicken Liver and Spinach

Rich Source of Vitamins A, D and B, Chicken liver is the ideal meal for the young, the underweight and senior dogs. Chicken is the main source of the ingredient and as usual, Wellness only packs in the freshest meat. Meanwhile, spinach is an ideal source for your dog to increase its iron and magnesium.

Wellness CORE Chunky Centers – Turkey, Duck and White Sweet Potato

Guaranteed to make your dog’s mouth watered, this flavour has a lot of benefit to your growing dog. Turkey and duck are fantastic sources to reach the required high level of protein in an active dog. Although a lesser common meat, duck is an excellent source of amino acid that helps to build strong muscles in dogs, while providing an easy to digest protein that is full of iron.

Wellness CORE Chunky Centers – Beef, Lamb and White Sweet Potato

Protein rich filled with chunky top grade meat, this is for active dogs, as they need plenty of quality protein to maintain their energy level. Rich in the powerful antioxidant beta-carotene, the white sweet potato is also has a lower glycemic index, meaning they do not have as much sugar than other food sources. It helps to improve digestive health as well.

Wellness CORE Chunky Centers – Lamb, Turkey and Kale

Protein from animal meat like lamb and turkey contains the most complete assimilated amino acids for our pets. Both premium meat contains a wide array of amino acids to allow easy digestion and palatable for dogs and cats. Well known for its endless benefits like cancer preventive and good for the heart, kale is suitable for growing puppies and senior dogs alike.

Wellness CORE Chunky Centers – Tuna, Chicken and Kale

An alternative protein source to the usual beef, chicken and lamb, tuna is a great way to expand your dog’s palate. If you have not introduced your dog fish, you should do it soon to reap its benefits of richness in protein, vitamin B3 and vitamin B12. Together with the benefits of kale, this meal packs a powerful punch when it comes to minerals and vitamins such as d-calcium pantothenate, riboflavin supplement and folic acid.

Wellness CORE Chunky Centers – Salmon, Tuna and Spinach

Talking about fish, another excellent type of fish to include in your companion’s diet is salmon. Besides reducing inflammation and boosting your dog’s immune system, salmon can reduce skin irritations and allergies, perfect for those who have pets that have skin allergies. As a dark leafy vegetable like kale, spinach is actually good for dogs when taken in moderation. It restores energy, boosts vitality and strengthens immune system, crucial if you have a growing dog at home.

Key Benefits Of Wellness CORE Chunky Centers


1. Easy to open container

2. Unique tasty formula

3. Meaty smell that attracts your dog’s senses

4. Well thought balanced diet plan for everyday meal

5. Grain free

6. Protein focus nutrition

7. Hearty chunk of premium meat

8. Two different texture with every bite (with a delicious soft pate infused savoury on the outer layer and chunk of meat with gravy packed in the middle.)

Feeding Guidelines


As it comes prepackaged, you can hardly overfeed your dog unless you add on other kibbles because you gave in to your dog’s pitiful eyes. While you can add on more food, you should reduce dry by 1/3 cup for every 1 container and it should be 1 container per 4 lbs or 1.8kg of body weight per day for the adult dogs. If unable to consume completely, resealed the packaging and place it in the refrigerator. However, do remember to take it out from the fridge at least 10 mins before feeding.

It might look relatively small in size however, it can be deceiving until you spoon it out onto your dog’s food bowl and you’ll realise it is a nice portion for a meal. Some customers will even share a pack between two toy breeds for a quick snack.

All Wellness Core ingredients are gluten free and grain free, with carefully planned nutrients to deliver the best-tasting meal without compromising the health benefits like improving digestive system, strengthening the immune system and introducing vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates that will allow your dog’s energy to burn off slowly, lasting the whole day.

Unsure which flavour to start with? Perromart recommends picking the similar flavour that your dog has been having with his previous pet food to ease the transition. Once your dog is alright with the flavour, you might want to switch different flavour around to explore his preferences. With 6 different flavours, your fur kid can almost have a different flavour each day of the week!

Start feeding high quality food to your pup! Purchase Wellness CORE here!