/How To Prevent Dog Tear Stains

Dog tear staining is a common issue in lighter colored dog breeds. It’s normal for all dogs to secrete fluids from the tear ducts. However, when the hair around the eyes or mouth are turning reddish brown or a rusty color it’s indicative of other possible issues. Tear stains can be prevented and corrected by adjusting the dogs diet and hygiene routine.

Preventing and Correcting Dog Tear Stainsdog-tear-stain-1

Due to differing water and food sources, there is no one answer to solve dog tear staining. Tear staining is more a cosmetic issue than it is a health issue. Though they can sometimes point to an underlying health issue. Here’s a short list of steps to take to prevent or correct dog tear staining.

Check The Food Quality

Make sure you’re feeding your dog a grain free dog food daily. Some of the un-natural additives and colourings can cause allergies that will cause tear staining.

Water Quality Matters

Heavy irons in some tap water can cause tear staining. Use purified or distilled water as your dogs main water source. This alone, sometimes corrects the dog tear stain problem. Reverse osmosis or alkaline water has also been known to correct tear staining.

Daily Hygiene

Daily cleaning of the eyes is suggested for your pet. Take a damp cotton ball and gently clean the eye area daily. Make sure to dry the area well as the enzymes in your pets saliva is responsible for the dog tear staining.

Additives or Supplements

There are vitamins or probiotics available that can help balance your dogs nutritional intake. Some are meant to specifically target dog tear stains.

Talking with other pet owners and questioning pet professionals about tear staining will equip you with the knowledge to fix this issue. If your pet has unsightly tear stains they can be prevented or corrected by taking the above steps as a solution.