/Dog Food Brand Review: ORGANIX Organic Food for Dogs

If you’re looking for a healthier dietary alternative for your dog, you’re probably thinking that healthy organic dog food is the way to go.

Organix Organic Dog Food

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There’s definitely truth in that – after all, people would rather not have unknown chemicals and processed food in their meals if they can help it, too. That’s why it’s great that one of the best organic dog food brands in America – ORGANIX – is now available locally to provide the same treatment for our beloved dogs.

ORGANIX’s rise to fame is due not only to their organic ingredients, but also to their appetizing, nutritious organic food for dogs that even the pickiest pooches would end up devouring. This also means that your dog would be less likely to break out in allergies or itchy skin, as well as experience a reduction in digestive issues. Overall, an organic diet allows your dog to live healthier and happier.

Key Benefits


It may be surprising but our dogs actually do not need a lot of carbohydrates for energy. Their ideal diet should be protein heavy, followed by fat and then carbohydrates.

ORGANIX takes all that into account by having these all cooked in an organically certified kitchen in the USA, using only organic ingredients strictly produced without chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial preservatives, added growth hormones or antibiotics.

The best part is that all ORGANIX recipes do not contain corn, wheat or soy. This means that there are no unnecessary cheap fillers that make your pet feel full faster.

Unfortunately, wheat is also indigestible for dogs, while corn and soy gives them gas – so if you notice that your dog is bloated, you might be feeding them the wrong dog food.

The Best Organic Dog Food Ingredients


So that your dog can get the most benefits out of their diet, ORGANIX includes the best ingredients in their recipes:

Organic free-range chicken or turkey

These are great sources of protein, fatty acids and minerals essential for a dog’s diet.

Organic coconut oil, organic flaxseed, organic spinach

These make up the second most important nutrient, which are fatty acids for healthier skin and coat.

Organic oatmeal, organic peas, organic sweet potatoes, organic cranberries

In order to aid digestion and bowel movements, the ingredients above are good sources of dietary fibre in organic food for dogs.

Organic blueberries, organic carrot

Extra minerals that help your dog function better day-to-day.

The #1 Organic Dog Food Brand in America


ORGANIX is touted as the best organic pet food brand in America, preferred for its premium ingredients and impressive accreditations. The brand has been producing organic food for dogs and cats since 2003, and quickly beat other established brands to become the #1 choice among American pet owners.

More recently, ORGANIX’s entire range of organic pet food were accredited by the incredibly stringent USDA, making it one of the few brands that carry USDA organically certified pet food.

Every detail – from the ingredients used, the way the food is procured, produced and even stored – are thoroughly regulated by the USDA’s National Organic Program, promising quality of the highest standards.

ORGANIX is also a verified choice by the Non-GMO Project, providing further credibility that their organic pet food are not produced in a laboratory, but are in fact 100% organically compliant.

What People Are Saying


“We love the Castor & Pollux Organix line for our tweenie Dachshund. She has multiple food allergies, so we have to be careful on what we give her. So glad we found this!”

“I got the organix grain free chicken and sweet potato for my Boston terrier mix, who is a somewhat picky eater. But it seems to smell great because if it didn’t she’d turn her nose up at it. When I feed her in the morning she goes right after it.”

Known as the best organic dog food brand in the market, you can’t go wrong by choosing ORGANIX for your beloved dog. Give it a try and tell us what you think. To view the product and make a purchase, click here.

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