/List of Dog Training Service in Singapore

Is your paw not listening to you? Or do you not know how to properly communicate with your paw? Time to visit one of these obedience classes at these various academies!


“Where star dogs are born” – quote Waggies. Waggies was established in 1985 and started with a notion to build a two-way relationship between humans and our best friend (paw). They conduct both private and group lessons to increase hands on techniques and provide proper guidance in training your paw. Waggies highly recommend group classes for best results as you get to experience real-life distractions and better motivation levels in a class environment. Most importantly, Waggies uses pure positive reinforcement training.

Waggies offers a basic 10 week course at $650 that include:

Correcting excessive barking behaviour

Stopping your dogs from jumping on people

Housebreaking your dog

All you need to know about your dog’s conduct

Training your dog to respond to commands even without the leash


Webpage: https://waggie.com.sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waggiespc/

Phone: +65 6463 1066

Sunny Chong Dog Training School

Sunny Chong has at least 19 years of experience conducting dog training in Singapore. To them, every dog aboard is a very important challenge as they will want for the dog to become a beloved pet dog. They conduct classes within their compound and also outside of their compound at various areas of Singapore on weekends and weekdays. Their school compound has the necessary facilities like cleaning/grooming room. They do both 1-1 training as well as group where the pawrents will be offered the option of boarding and training. They have multiple obedience class options like Puppy Program, Basic Obedience Training, Off leash, Celebrity Star Dog Program and Boarding and Training. Their classes begins from $450 for 8 sessions.


Webpage: http://www.sunnychong.com.sg/

Facebook: NA

Phone: +65 9875 7503

Address: Sunny Heights, 110 Turf Club Rd, 288000

Action For Singapore Dogs

ASD was established in December 2000 as a non-profit organization with the mission to improve the welfare of stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore. They believed that all animals big or small deserve a life of love and care, not just a life of fear and survival. In view of their mission, they offer basic obedience foundation class that will improve your communication with your paws. It offers both home based as well as group. Their basic obedience class begins from $250 for ASD adopter and $350 for public. (http://asdsingapore.com/wp/event/basic-obedience-foundation-classes/)


Webpage: http://asdsingapore.com

Facebook: NA

Phone: +65 6100 2737

The Dog Listener Consultancy

“How to be a natural leader to your dog?” says The Dog Listener Consultancy. TDLC believes that the best way to have an enriching life with your dog is through communication and cooperation, not control or conditioning, and they go beyond basic dog obedience training. Thier basic obedience foundation class consists of 4 aspects:

Amichien Bonding Program

Basic Obedience Program

Puppy/Dog Home Integration Program

Socialization & Situational Awareness

Their course fees are $250 for ASD Adopter and $350 for public.


Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/The-Dog-Listener-Consultancy-152675504800060/

Facebook: NA

Phone: +65 9145 4818

Dog Training Singapore

Dog Training Singapore is a website managed and owned by Biz Edge Consultancy Pte Ltd. It has a vision to enrich the lives of Singapore Dogs through clicker training a gentle, dog friendly and humane approach to dog training. It offers a couple of services such as Dog Obedience, Dog Toilet Training, Dog Behavioral Problem Handling, Agility and etc.’

What you will learn at their pet dog training lessons:

Static Dog Obedience Cus

The Retrieve

The Recall

Heeling with your dog

The Dog Training Singapore has multiple levels for the obedience training levels. It ranges from level 1 to 6 with course fees starting from $650 for 10 lessons. Their courses are group lessons.


Phone: +65 6871 4245

Webpage: http://www.dogtrainingsingapore.org/


The Positive Academy

The Positive Academy uses a ‘force-free’ training, which is scientifically proven and ethical – no intimidation, fear, pain or coercion during training. Their training is reward-based! Hence it revolves around rewards like food, play, praise and opportunity! They offer 4 types of classes:

Puppy kindergarten – Socialization

Puppy Advanced Outdoor Class – Outdoor focus issues

Puppy Basic Manners

Puppy Pre-school – unleash your puppy potential and settings things right early.


Phone: +65 9651 3063

Webpage: http://thepositiveacademy.com/

Address: 21 Lorong Kilat Singapore 598123


Bugle’s K9 Training Skool

Bugle is actually a name of a 10-month old fun-loving Miniature Schnauzer owned by the certified trainer (Cindy Cheong) of this K-9 Training skool. Bugle offers several training programs that include Basic Obedience, Advance Obedience, Specialty Training Programs, Behaviour Modification Program, and Group Agility for Fun Programs.

Their training programs include:

Basic Obedience (on-leash) program

Advance Obedience (off-leash) program

Specialty Training Program

Behaviour Modification Program

Their Training Courses begins from $480 for 8 basic group lessons.


Phone: +65 9620 0280

Webpage: http://www.buglesk9.com.sg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/BugleK9/