/List of Cat Shelters in Singapore

Wanting to foster cats so that you can get them furries fixed without a lifelong commitment of permanent ownership? Or are you ready to adopt them? Be sure to realize to the responsibility of adopting them, consisting of taking care of it for the rest of its life. There is an estimate of 60,000 stray, homeless cats wandering all around Singapore for the past few years. Why not have them kept safe at your place instead! These are a few recommended shelters to head to.

Cats Shelters in Singapore

The Cat Museum

Head over to The Cat Museum to chill with their Lion City Kitties! You are more than welcome for repetition of visitation and photography for them inspired kitties. They have got a program, AA, which stands for Adopt Adults where they are more chill and sleepy than the kittens. They would never stop showing endless joy and love to you once they get close to them or when they are yours!

Address: 8 Purvis Street, #02-02 Singapore 188587

Webpage: http://thecatmuseum.com.sg

Tel: +65 6336 2133

Email: purr@thecatmuseum.com.sg

Animal Lovers League Singapore

Come pet their adorable little Fur Kids at Paris Ris Farmway! They have been waiting for you to provide them their Forever Homes. Animal Lovers League (ALL) has been the home to 700 dogs and CATS. They are the largest serving animal welfare groups in Singapore that is also as under registered charity, caring for those who have been abandoned, traumatized, abused and rescued. ALL has always been promoting the adoption of pets instead of purchasing them. Those Fur Kids are living well under their hands! Or yours soon.

Address: 61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3, Singapore 518232

Webpage: http://www.animalloversleague.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/animalloversleague.sg

Email: general@animalloversleague.com

Cat Welfare Society

Cat Welfare Society will always be affirmed that their foster cats land in the right hands of potential adopters! Providing tips on how ready/ potential you are to adopt a cat. Their site is filled with a variety of cats and kitten waiting to be brought home! Ranging from unique and adorable characters such as tame,  gentle, playful, timid, affection, or even ideal for first-time owners. Find the one that best suits you!

Webpage: http://www.catwelfare.org/adoptions

Email: adoption@catwelfare.org


Nekoya Cat Hotel has a cabin set aside for the provision of shelter and care to kittens, where they call it home for now. They aim to find a happy family for these feline friends to grow up in for the rest of their lives! they provide an open, convenient and casual viewing location for those keen parties who are interested in viewing the foster kittens or cats!

Address: 80 Changi Road, The Centropod, 02-03, Singapore 419715

Webpage: https://nekoya.co/cat-adoption-fostering-singapore/

Tel: +65 6910 6260


CAS desire to save the lives of the homeless and unwanted cats in Singapore. They have had a success rate of 98% in their rescue and adoption program. The CAS cats, that are easy to maintain, small, and cuddly, have been wanting to get a family soon!

Webpage:  http://www.causesforanimals.com/cas-cats.html

Email: adoption@causesforanimals.com

Mutts & Mittens

As a commercial boarding facility, they are always involved in animal welfare work. Having rescuers and volunteers aliasing w them. Mutts & Mittens have been rescuing a range of 100 dogs and CATS that have always been looking for a home. Providing bonding sessions with their cats, home visit for them, and even training sessions (if needed)!

Address: Mutts & Mittens Pte Ltd, 11 Pasir Ris Farmway 2,  Singapore 519326

Webpage: http://www.muttsnmittens.com/rehoming-kitties.html

Tel: +65 6583 7371

Email: info@muttsnmittens.com


There are more than 100 cats housed at Metta Cattery waiting for the right owner to pop by and bring them home! They are a group of volunteers that care, rehabilitate, and rehoming abandoned, homeless, and sick cats.

Webpage: http://www.mettacats.org/

SPCA (Society for the Protection of Animals)

SPCA takes in over 300 dogs and CATS a month. A glance at the adoption gallery of sorrow looking animals makes you want to rush down and adopt them! SPCA is also part of the recent changing rules of the approval of certain breeds living in HDBs.

Address: SPCA, 50 Sungei Tenngah Road, Singapore 699012,

Webpage: http://www.spca.org.sg/

Tel: +65 6287 5355