/Event Highlights: PerrOlympics & Strays of Singapore 2017

Event: PerrOlympics & Strays of Singapore 2017

Date: 11-13th August
Time: 11AM-7PM
Location: Star Vista, Buona Vista

It’s the time of the year again where you can bring your furkids to a shopping mall right here in Singapore! Join us, PerroCo and 6 other animal (cats & dogs) welfare groups in finding the pawfect furrever home for the furkids!

Do you always hope that there was a dog-version of the oh-so famous olympics? Well, look no further! From 11th to 13th of August, the Star Vista Main Atrium will be transformed into a fun filled day with many doggo competitions and attractive prizes to be won! Enjoy a day full of fun filled activities, competitions and even a mini pet expo!


List of Animal Shelters

1. Exclusively mongrels

2. Joyous Bark

3. Gentle Paws

4. HOPE Dog Rescue

5. Uncle Khoe

6. Mercylight

7. Private Rescuers

List of Games


1. Primal Event Food Competition

Calling all Primal lover and fans, time to bring your pet down for a competition! Gobble that Primal down and be crowned as Singapore’s Primal fastest eater! Are you ready?

2. Temptation Sprint 

Dogs/cats will run/walk through a catered space. There will be treats lined by the side (so they need to be focused – not distracted by the treats)! The winner will be judged based on fastest timing. Top 10 will get consolation prize and winner gets something special!

3. Paw Bowling

Bowling, darlings! Dogs/cats will have to knock down the “bowling pins” by walking through it. The winner will be judge based on how many pins the dog/cat knocked down on first impact. Top 10 will get consolation prize! Winner will go home with something special!

4. Des-pug-cito

A childhood favourite but in the doggolympics version! All dogs will be leashed and walk around with their human while the Despacito is playing. When the music stops, all the pups are told to ‘sit’. The last one to get its butt to the ground is OUT! Only one Des-pug-citolympian will be the winner!

5. Catch-that-treat

Pawrents will stand at a given distance in front of their dogs. Each owner is given small treat which they get to toss to their dog, one treat at a time. The treat catcher that catches the most treats in 20 seconds is the winner! Time to train!

List of Activities

Look out for  fun and informative events such as ‘PerrOlympic Opening & Closing Ceremony’, ‘Pets for adoption walk and introduction’, ‘Tips by Local Dog Expert’ and ‘Pet Food Product Introduction’ etc.

More details will be up at the Facebook event page, so don’t forget to RSVP there!