/Is It Better To Own More Than One Cat?

Is It Better to Own More than One Cat?

As humans, the more we love something, the more we want it and the greater the number we want. We love cats, therefore, we want more. In fact, if one cat is good, two is even better. Some folks mistakenly assume cats are loners and that they prefer to keep their own company and not socialize with other cats. Contrary to this myth, most cats do well with other cats. The following are reasons why it is better to own more than one cat.

The major reason cat makes great pets is that they don’t have a problem being left alone while their owner goes out for work. However, for a solitary cat, this could be very lonely. And if you spend a lot of time outside, consider having more than one cat because they can play together and keep each other company.


More Hygienic

Another advantage of having more than one cat is that they are sometimes cleaner than a cat living by itself. Cats will groom each other’s ears and coat, frequently getting at places the cat can’t reach on its own.
It is a proven fact that Kittens learn by copying. If one kitten is fast to learn a suitable way of using their litter box, the other will be likely to copy. They also help each other with grooming.

Reduce Behavioural Issues

A lot of people who experience behavior issues with cats find that some of them disappear when they adopt another playmate. What may be perceived as misbehavior is often just the result of boredom. Similar to their human counterparts, cats sometimes misbehave because negative attention is better than no attention.

Improve Socializing Skills

If you have a shy cat, you know how challenging it is to get her to new places, people, and new things. But, if it gets a good match, a pawed companion could bring your shy cat out of her shell. You might be astonished how quickly she goes from a shy cat to downright brazen cat when it new pal arrived.

Another Playmate

Cats, by design, are little energy machines. Everything in their world becomes a target for pouncing, stalking, and play. It is difficult if not impossible for a human to become full-time playmates for these little pets. The best solution is to have more than one cat — they keep each other occupied and entertained.

Simultaneously, playing with each other builds muscles and helps develop coordination. And, watching cats play with each other can be a source of entertainment for all the members of the household. Of course, the most important reason to have more than one cat at home is that you are saving two or more lives-giving them the love they deserve.

Remember to give each of them time alone as well as time to spend with you. Chances are they will end up being the best of friends, and whether you’re the owner of one cat or many, you know the joy of having a true friend. May we always remember to return the favor.