/How To Introduce Your Dog To Your Baby

How To Introduce Your Dog To Your Baby

Bringing your new baby home is as exciting as the day you brought your dog home. A new addition to your family will make your dog confused. There are tips and tricks to introduce your dog to your baby. These will assist you in assisting your dog to the adjustment. This process should not be rushed or forced but done with taking your dogs’ feelings into consideration.


Introduce Slowly With Scents and Sounds

Before you bring your baby home, you can familiarize your dog with the baby’s smells and sounds. A baby blanket that smells like your new addition can be given to the dog to smell or even lay on. Using a camera or cell phone you can record the noises the baby makes. Play this back for your pet numerous times while asking it “who is that”? or “Do you hear the baby”? Smells like baby powder and diapers can also be introduced to your dog long before baby comes home. When you introduce your dog to your baby some of them smells and sound will already be in it’s awareness and is less overwhelming for your pet.

Jealousy Can Occur

You dog has been in your home longer than your baby. Your family should give your dog no less attention than before the baby came along. The dog may try to get your attention and let you know it is jealousy by taking your babies blankets or toys. Don’t scold your dog for this behaviour. Use it as a signal your dog is vying for your attention. Spending time with your dog without your baby can also let your pet know he’s not being replaced, just a new family member. Remember that as time passes your baby and your dog will eventually be the best of friends. What happens when you introduce your dog to your baby are usually temporary behaviors.

It’s natural for dogs to want to play with your baby’s toys. As annoying as it is, they are hard to tell them apart. When buying dog toys and baby toys you will want to make sure the material they are made of are safe for both of them. There are pet product lines that design baby toys that are safe for dogs and vice versa. Search these types of toys out for purchase!

Safely Introduce

Your main concern is keeping your baby safe from harm and injury. Your dog doesn’t realize your baby is a human due to it’s small size. Don’t leave the baby alone with your dog. You can keep baby raised up out of your dogs range until your dog gets comfortable with having a new baby around. Dogs can also become protective of your baby. A crying baby is an alarm and your dog will react to the alarm as dogs do. Your dog may even look at you like you have done something wrong to the baby. Continue to assure your dog that he is as loved and cared for as the new baby!