/List of Cat Shelters in Malaysia


Hundreds of kittens are born on the streets every day in Malaysia, and the majority of them are doomed to a life of hardship, sickness or early death. Thanks to increasing public education on the importance of neutering animals and population control, the number of strays on the streets are dwindling, but much still need to be done to save the existing strays and abandoned animals.

Thankfully, there are many pet rescue and animal shelters in Malaysia being established to save abandoned and sick animals. While many animal rescue organisations save both dogs and cats, there are a select few that are dedicated wholly to rescuing and re-homing cats and kittens.

Here’s a list of cat shelters in Malaysia that you can support through volunteer work, donations, fostering, and adoptions:

Cat Shelters in Malaysia

1. Katzen Cat Sanctuary, Selangor

Katzen Cat Sanctuary Animal Shelter for Cats Malaysia

Founded in 2011 by sisters, Suraya and Shariza, Katzen is truly a cat sanctuary built by cat lovers. The cat sanctuary currently takes up a third of the retail area at the Katzen Pet Shop where the sisters cell cat supplies and services to fund the shelter. However, their ultimate goal is to have a large plot of land where the cats can run free and not be confined to a small cage. Suraya and Shariza currently care for around 80 rescued cats in their shelter. Although they are living happily with lots of TLC, they are all cats for adoption and looking for their “furr-ever” homes. Volunteers and donations in cash and kind are always welcome as well.

Address: No 27-G Jalan Nautika B U20/B, Pusat Komersil TSB, 40160 Sungai Buloh, Selangor
Phone: +6017 878 3040
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KatzenCatSanctuary/

2. Cat Beach Sanctuary, Penang

Cat Beach Sanctuary Cat Shelter Penang Malaysia

The Cat Beach Sanctuary in Penang is a no kill shelter for homeless cats rescued from desperate situations – the beach sanctuary is literally “the last resort” for these felines. These rescue cats are nursed back to health, vaccinated, and neutered to be ready for adoption. The sanctuary relies on donations from the public to help feed, vaccinate, spay, and cover medical care for their rescue cats, and has a GoFundMe account to accept donations. Cat lovers in Penang or Kedah looking to adopt a cat can visit the sanctuary, or support their cause by fostering, volunteering or making a donation.

Address: 778 Jalan Teluk Awak, MK 2, Teluk Bahang 11050, Penang
Phone: +604 881 1015
Website: http://catbeachpenang.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CatLovers.my

3. Meowy Cat Shelter, Penang

Meowy Cat Shelter Penang Malaysia

Run by cat lover, Pauline, the Meowy Cat Shelter in Balik Pulau, Penang is a home for handicapped, injured, abused and abandoned kittens and cats. Founded in 2014, the first cage could only house 20 cats. More cages were built in the following years to house 40 cats each, and today the shelter has enough capacity for 150 cats and kittens. With around 50 cats and kittens being rescued by the shelter each month, more space is needed and they are requesting donations for another RM8000 to build another cattery. Cat lovers can support the Meowy Cat Shelter by adopting a cat, volunteering at the shelter, sponsoring neutering, medical, and operational costs, or committing to a monthly contribution to help maintain the shelter.

Address: Balik Pulau, Penang
Phone: +6016 422 9091
Website: http://meowypetshelter.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meowycatshelterpenang

4. Dato’ Shamsiah Cat Shelter Park, Pahang

Dato' Shamsiah Cat Shelter Park Pahang Malaysia

Founded by a local cat lover, Tengku Lukman (also known as “Catman”), this cageless, no-kill cat shelter park in Pekan, Pahang, is aimed at saving and protecting stray and abandoned cats. The park cost RM50,000 to build and is equipped with a garden, four shelters, and a special treatment room, but is still insufficient to accommodate the growing number of cats. The park currently houses some 150 cats and other animals including dogs, chickens, and geese. However, the founder and volunteers’ good deeds extend beyond that – they regularly visit neighbouring areas to rescue stray cats, especially during times of flooding or heavy rain, and sometimes even visit other villages just to help provide cat food to locals taking care of cats. Visitors to the cat shelter park are welcome to play with the rescued animals and adopt a cat for free. If you’re not looking for cats for adoption, food donations and donations in kind are also welcome.

Address: Dato’ Shamsiah Cat Shelter Park (DSCAP), Meow Island, Pekan Royal Town, 26600 Pekan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dato-Shamsiah-Cat-Shelter-Park-Transit-Station-381694101919464/