/Brown Spots On Puppy’s Belly

Brown Spots on Puppy’s Belly

It is nice to sit with the dog, and give a run on the abdomen, but when you see the spots on the belly skin, it can be frightening. Maybe you have no idea what it is, and probably do not know how long they’ve been there. In many cases, these spots are very natural and may be present from birth. Some dogs develop brown spots on the skin when they get older.

They are not itchy or scaly, the skin is not thick and does not cause any harm to the dog at all. There is no need to worry about this, however, if there are spots that obviously itch or bleeding yellow or green pus, then it would be good to have your veterinarian take a look. Otherwise, there is no need to worry!


In some cases, this is normal; as the dog matures there are hormonal changes that can cause these spots. The spot might stay, but most likely your dog’s stomach will again return to the normal pink color. My dog once had all pink belly and developed spots, which are gone now. It is likely that it’s only pigmentation formation. My dog developed more pigmentation as he got older.


If the spot is actually itching, you can use medicated dog shampoo with selenium, this is usually used to treat dog skin bacterial infections. These shampoos clean at the base of the hair follicles, which helps eliminate the infection. Selsun blue is generally used for this purpose. Shampoo containing chlorhexidine can help with infections of the dog’s skin caused by bacteria, ringworm or yeast. You can also use iodine based shampoo for bacterial and fungal infection.