/List Of Places To Cremate My Pets In Singapore

Places To Cremate My Pets in Singapore

The loss of your family pet can be a source of great sadness. A family pet is just as a member of your family because your pet has been there through the good and bad times of your family, during the holidays, vacation and so much more and stuck right by your side through the thick and thin of your life.

Your pet has been a source of happiness and endless joy through their short lifespan. To lose your pet either through a predictable process like sickness or suddenly through an accident, can be a heartbreaking ordeal.

Pets are not the same, just as we human beings have our individuality, so does our pets – they have their unique characteristics and behaviours. For this reason, we have special bonds with our pets. This is the reason as to why as a pet owner you would like to have a human like cremation ceremony for your pet. When you cremate it, it gives you an opportunity to take the ashes and scatter them in a place of your choice, giving both you and your beloved pet a closure.

In Singapore, when you cremate your pet, the ashes of your pet are put in a special sealed plastic bag which is then placed in a pet urn – either a tin, box or pot and handed to you. The pet urn is ideal because it prevents the accidental loss of your pet’s ashes. This will serve as a special tribute the life of your beloved pet.

Types Of Pet Cremation


Before you take your pet for cremation, you should find out the best pet crematory company that will handle your pet’s cremation. At the same time, ensure that you inquire the type of cremation that your pet will receive. It is your right to know what kind of cremation your pet is getting so that your pet will get the best final respect it deserves.

There are three main types of cremation which are:

Individual Cremation
It is also referred to as priority cremation. This is a kind of cremation whereby one pet is being cremated at a time.

Private Cremation
This is a kind of cremation where a maximum of four pets is cremated at a time. However, the pets are separated from each other physically either with the help of bricks or space. This will ensure that the ashes do not mix.

Communal Cremation
As the name suggests, communal cremation is when a group of pets are cremated together at the same time, and their ashes are either taken to a local landfill or scattered on a private pet cemetery.

Pet Cremation Singapore

Pet parents highly recommend their dedicated and professional service, the way they treat your demised pet with care and respect. The rates depending on your choice of cremation. Your pet’s demise deserves to be treated with due respect and dignity. Your beloved pet deserves a proper send-off memorial either via a simple cremation ceremony or a simple service to honour their life and a life spent with you.

Pet Cremation Singapore
+65 86168818


This is the oldest pet cremation company in Singapore started in 1987. They offer all the three types of pet cremation services highlighted above. Their prices are dependent on the type of your pet and their body weight. Their prices begin from as little as $ 20 for small pets such as rabbits and birds to as big as $ 800 for pets with weight up to 100 kg.

Their services are available 24/7.

Mount Pleasant Pet Cremation Centre
232 Whitley Road, Singapore 297824
+65 62508333

Mobile Pet Cremation Services


When it comes to the time to you would like to pay your final respect to your beloved pet, and you do not know where to turn to, mobile pet cremation services are readily available to do just that for you.

At the Mobile pet cremation centre, they believe that once you have a pet, even if it passes on it will always remain to be your pet. They will offer their services in the following five simple steps. The first step is to call and tell them how you would like your pet to be cremated.

After that, they will come either to your home or pet clinic where your pet passed away and collect the remains of your pet. When they collect your pet, they ensure that they use a labelled tag on your pet to make sure that your pet which passed away can be easily be distinguished from the rest. After that, they will cremate your pet according to the kind of cremation that you would like your pet to receive.

The final step is to bring you the ashes of your pet in an urn, or if you do not want the ashes of your pet, they will scatter it on your behalf on the place of your choice. You can get their professional and selfless services around the clock.

Mobile Pet Cremation Services
T81 Seletar West Farmway 5, Singapore 798061
+65 94556355

The Pet Hotel



At the pet hotel, they offer personalised pet cremation services. The charges for their services depend on the type of your pet and the kind of cremation that you would like your beloved pet.

Apart from the cremation services, at the pet hotel, they also offer the following services: if you choose the columns, a private ceremony room for the final service for your dog which is chargeable per hour and if you want extra decorations for the area, you will pay an extra dollar. That is not all, if you would like a granite clade to keep your pet, they will readily do that for you at a cost.

The Pet Hotel
No. 20 Pasir Ris Farmway II, Singapore 519317
6582 2222

In conclusion, therefore, when a pet passes on, the loss is just the same as losing any one of our beloved ones. However, the steps of grief may differ for having a human being to be cremated. Depending on the kind of cremation that you will choose for your pet, the prices will differ. There are several pet cremation places in our country. Find a pet cremation company that will honour your pet’s cremation.